Kingdom Greetings And Good Morning Precious Saints And Dear Friends,


Apostle Winfree James R Sr, The Lord's Kingdom Minister, Social Media Blogger, Publisher, Writer:


Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Welcome to the month of June! What a Joy to be alive today and what a privilege to be able to live Victoriously in Christ Jesus despite every attack of the enemy and despite all the challenges, disasters and death that's all over the place. We've only made it this far by the Grace of God in Jesus Christ and not because we've been very careful about our lives! Today I'd like to share with you a message that The Lord had laid on my heart. Many people today, even Believers are more of 'Victims' than they're Victors in life! The enemy's No. One Goal is (And has always been) to make you a Victim in Life rather than being a Victor. But Christ Jesus came all the way from Heaven so that you and I can be Victors in life and live in Victory in One loving, caring and supporting spiritual Kingdom family!


I don't know what the enemy had been busy doing recently in your life; I may not have any idea of what you may be Going through at this time. Maybe the enemy has tried to make you his 'Victim' of various life circumstances and you even feel like a 'Victim'! When the enemy tries to make you his 'Victim' in life, he tries to make you fall into sin and live in sinful habits all the time; he tries to take away your joy in the Lord Jesus Christ... 'and your Peace, Love, Family, Marriage, Business, Finances, Career, Ministry Yes, and even your Destiny in the Lord purposes for your lives, he tries to take anything that belongs to you and that represents you God's sons and daughters; he tries to harm you physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially; He tries to make you suffer a great deal of injury, loss, damage, disaster and he tries to make you Feel aggrieved and disadvantaged! ... But whatever damage the enemy tries to inflict upon you or in your life in trying to Victimize you, I have a Good News for you! ...BUT!!!, Our GOD and heavenly Father Restoring you and Making you His Victor in the Holy Ghost! BUT!!!, Our, GOD!!!, is Giving you His Supernatural Power! You have been ready for Christ Anointing lifestyle of Victory!


God Never intended for you to be a Victim in the hands of the enemy! His original intent for you and I in all that we do in life is that We are Victors in Christ, He has already died and Paid the Price for us to walk in total Victory all the days of our lives and in our, Christ-following Walk and Lives! Hence the enemy has No Right at all in trying to Victimize anyone of us in life or ministry! God has Promised us and has given us His Victory in Christ Jesus! You can Walk in Victory in Every area of your Life and ministry! Receive the Promise of God and Believe Him, No matter what you've been through before now! Begin to Re-Condition your mind from being feeling like a Victim in Life to be feeling like you Jesus Christ Victor in Life! Begin to Confess it, despite whatever your circumstances may look like right now! And know this!!! , soon; Very soon, Right Now!!! Your Victory will begin to Manifest!! Choose to become Christ Victor from Today on!


I Prophesy over your Life and your Kingdom Destiny in Christ our Lord; That from this day and for the rest of your lives; you will Never fall Victim of the enemy and his devices! I see you Walk in Victory! I see you emerge as a Victor that the enemy will really be scared of! Receive this biblical word of faith in Jesus Name! Welcome to the Kingdom of Victors!




"But Thanks be to God! He gives us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Cor: 15: 57


"For everyone born of God Overcomes the world. This is the Victory that has Overcome the world, even our Faith." 1 John: 5: 4. Amem.


We Are Leading One And All, To The One Hope, One Holy Spirit, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God, Who Is The One Heavenly Spiritual Father Of us, All!!!


Our One God And Heavenly Father, Loves His Cheerful Givers, Not the Old Testament Law Givers.


1 Cor 3:8, Now he who plants and he who waters are One, and each One will receive his reward according to his labor.