How Can God's Sons And, His Daughters Be In This World, But Not Of This World:


Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr. God's Messenger In Jesus Christ, To His Sons And, Daughters To Serve And, Build Them Up, To Be Loving Biblical Spiritual Leaders In His Global Nations Kingdom Churches, As We Together Follow Jesus Christ In Oneness And, Unity!



Awesome and Amazing Holy Spirit, Do what You Do Best our Master Teacher, Teach us in Jesus Christ:

When we read of the "world" in the New Testament, we are reading the Greek word cosmos. Cosmos most often refers to the inhabited earth and the people who live on the earth, which functions apart from God. Satan is the ruler of this "cosmos" ( John 12:31; 16:11; 1 John 5:19 ). By the simple definition that the word world refers to a world system ruled by Satan, we can more readily appreciate Christ’s claims that believers are no longer of the world—we are no longer ruled by sin, nor are we bound by the principles of the world. In addition, we are being changed into the image of Christ, causing our interest in the things of the world to become less and less as we mature in Christ.




Believers in Jesus Christ are simply in the world, physically present, but not of it, not part of its evil and, wickedness ( John 17:14-15 ). As Believers of Jesus Christ, we should be set apart from the world. This is the meaning of being holy and living a holy, righteous life, to be set apart. We are not to engage in the sinful activities the world promotes, nor are we to retain the insipid, corrupt mind that the world creates. Rather, we are to conform ourselves, and our minds, to that of Jesus Christ ( Romans 12:1-2 ). This is a daily activity and commitment.


We must also understand that being in the world, but not of it, is necessary if we are to be Jesus Christ's light to those who are in spiritual darkness. We are to live in such a way that those outside the faith see our good deeds and our manner and know that there is something “different” about us. Chris Believers who make every effort to live, think, and act like those who do not know Christ do Him a great disservice. Even the sinners know that “by their fruits, you shall know them,” and as our heavenly Father's sons and, His daughters, we should exhibit the fruit of the Holy Spirit within us.


Being “in” the world also means we can enjoy the things of the world, such as the beautiful creation God has given us, but we are not to immerse ourselves in what the world values, nor are we to chase after worldly pleasures. Pleasure is no longer our calling in life, as it once was, but rather the worship of God in Spirit and, Truth. Amen.


We Are Serving & Ministering To God's Sons And, Daughters In Building Them Up To Be Loving, Caring, Spiritual, Biblical Leaders In His Global Kingdom Nations Churches!.


Written & Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.


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