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Of course, the context is important. So bear with me while I ask the Holy Spirit, Our Master Teacher to Teach us In Jesus Name.

2 Corinthians 12:9. In it, God told Apostle Paul, “His grace is sufficient for him, for God's power is made perfect in weakness.”




Corinth was a city of wealth, commerce, and depravity. Sexual immorality was rampant, with prostitution being part of idol worship. Apparently, the Corinthians had a hard time separating themselves from these cultural practices. Apostle Paul tried, somewhat in vain it seems, to encourage Corinthian believers to higher standards, godly standards. Second Corinthians was actually his third letter at least to the believers, after several lengthy personal visits to try to steer the church in the ways of the Lord. To put it mildly, Apostle Paul was frustrated and desperately wanted these believers to desire to be the Church, those called out of the world and into the Kingdom of the Lord.


In Chapters 10 and 11, Apostle Paul felt the need to answer a question the Corinthians seemed to be asking themselves, why should we listen to Elder Paul? Brother Paul acknowledged their grumbling, reporting his awareness that “…some say, ‘His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing,'” ( 2 Corinthians 10:10 ). The Corinthians were feeling a bit rebellious, and they weren’t afraid to say it… when Apostle Paul wasn’t around.


Elder Paul did his best to respond calmly the rest of Chapter 10 and the first half of Chapter 11, but he eventually decided sarcasm and mockery were the way to go. Have I mentioned I love him? He was infuriated the Corinthians were choosing to elevate false apostles’ teaching above the true Gospel he had introduced to them ( 2 Corinthians 11:5-6 ). Myself writing this, many times I feel the same way.


While defending himself, though, he didn’t want to give the impression the Corinthians should listen to him because there was something special about him. It was important they realized it was not Brother Paul he wanted them to submit to but Christ in Apostle Paul. Paul told the story about his infamous thorn to illustrate his humanity and frailty and to emphasize only the existence of an all-powerful God could explain how a man with such a restrictive condition could be so successful.


Within this context, Elder Paul recounted how he asked God to take away his thorn three times ( 2 Corinthians 12:8 ). And God had responded this way, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness,” ( 2 Corinthians 12:9 ).


The first part of the sentence intrigues me. “My grace is sufficient for you.” What does that even mean I asked myself many times over...? We Christ Believers and Followers are quick to quote it to someone in need, but have we really nailed down what’s going on here? I haven’t.


What, exactly, is God’s grace sufficient for my spiritual family in the Lord Jesus Christ?


I took the verse apart in the Greek during my study time, to try to answer that question, and you’re never going to believe what I found out. What God really means is, “My grace is enough for you.”


If you’re paying attention, you’re realizing I discovered absolutely nothing new. So I took it apart in the English and came up with this.


Grace can mean favor, approval, or blessing, typically unmerited. Enough means occurring in such a quantity as to fully meet a need. So God’s favor and blessing will fully meet our need. The question is begged, our need for what? Some needs? All needs? Specific needs?


Before we can transfer the idea to ourselves, we need to get back in Paul’s shoes to understand the original intent of the Lord.


Apostle Paul had some needs.


In the most immediate context, he had a thorn of some sort causing him some agony. God likely would have been intending to communicate His favor was enough to get Brother Paul through that agony. God’s blessing was enough for Apostle Paul to live for a lengthy amount of time in spite of whatever physical, spiritual, or emotional pain he was experiencing in the flesh.


Brother Paul was defending his credibility as an Apostle to the Corinthians. In the midst of their doubting his authority to speak on God’s behalf, God tells Brother Paul, “My approval is enough.” The power behind Elder Paul’s ministry resided in God’s approval and favor, not the Corinthians. Nothing else was needed. Even without the Corinthians’ okay, God’s approval was enough for Him to accomplish whatever He willed through Apostle Paul.


I’d also like to think the Father's heart of God wanted to remind Paul that He loved Paul. He wanted Paul to feel confident of that love and to find his identity in that love, no matter what others were saying about him. God approved of Apostle Paul, even if others didn’t, and knowing that should have fully met Paul’s need to feel secure and valued. Don't we all feel this way at times, be honest, please?


Step back even farther, and we realize Apostle Paul had a nearly impossible task, to take the Gospel to the Jews first, and then to the Gentiles also ( Acts 13:46 ). The Jews thought of Paul as a traitor preaching sacrilege and would’ve rather killed him than listen to him try to convince them Jesus was the Messiah they’d been waiting on ( Acts 9, 13 ). The Gentiles didn’t know what to do with Paul. Some were scared of him ( Acts 9 ), some tried to worship him ( Acts 14:11 ), some stoned him ( Acts 14:19 ), some believed his message ( Acts 14: 20,) and some, like the Corinthians, believed Paul initially but got angry when he held them accountable. So when God told Apostle Paul, “His grace is sufficient for him,” the widest application implies God’s favor was all Brother Paul needed to successfully fulfill his life’s calling to take the Gospel to the Gentiles ( Acts 9:15,) ( Eph 3:8 ).


Back to the original question. For today’s believer, what is God’s grace sufficient for?


God’s grace is sufficient…


To survive the pain. God’s blessing is enough for us to make it through any kind of physical, spiritual, or emotional pain, no matter how long that pain exists. God’s grace, His favor, is enough, all by itself, to sustain us until He determines that pain should end.


To empower us for ministry. God’s Kingdom purposes are accomplished by His endorsement alone, not human approval, ability, or ambition. We all have a ministry, and His grace, His blessing, and approval are enough, all by itself, to make our ministries flourish.


To establish our security. We all wonder, to varying degrees, if we are loved, valued, appreciated, accepted, approved of, desired, etc. Too often we look to others to affirm our worth. God’s grace, His approval, is enough, all by itself, to solidify our true worth.


To fulfill our life callings. We’re all here for 2 reasons: to know God and to make Him known ( Exodus 9:15-16 ). How we make Him known, and to whom, may vary, but, ultimately, we’re all called to the same thing. And the calling is not for the faint of heart. But, God’s grace, His favor and blessing, and approval are enough, all by itself, to empower us to do what we’re supposed to be doing.


So I guess to put it succinctly try and be His Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teachers in today's world and Church and not getting any help, support or even respect for what the Lord has chosen you to do, just ask me how I know and feel at times and ask those who work and labor in the gospel for free,

), And, Still, Our God’s grace is sufficient for everything. Amen.



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