WAKE YOUR BUT'S UP!!! It's time to wake up Church: Word Time With Your Giving And Loving Faithful Servant, Apostle James Winfree Sr. You can't buy GOD or His Blessings. Period. GOD'S Holy Word will now show us what it is to be sleeping Church. It is to be one that has come to Christ, yet has fallen asleep in sin. Like the Church at Ephesus, they have left their first love just as most have today: 


They do not retain that realization of Christ's preciousness-that freshness of believing. They have forgotten the fresh grasp of a Savior. So it is with some among yourselves. You may have seen your sins; yet you have lost that fresh conviction of sin you once felt so deeply. You do not see such a beauty in Jesus Christ and Him alone. The more we look at Christ, just the more we would look again.


 Earthly things really do not matter; but it is not so with things divine-they grow sweeter the more often you use them. So every time you look at Jesus, He grows more precious. The rose is sweet, yet it loses its smell; but the lovely Rose of Sharon grows sweeter and sweeter. Earthly Religions and Church show time acting lose their taste; but The Savior does not So—" Why all the people pleasing?, So why are you kissing up too preachers?, So why are you paying ministers and pastors to be somebody in the faith, When GOD have already made you His sons and daughters?." So Sleepy buts Christians, you have lost your taste for The Lord Jesus Christ.


 Oh! it is not time for you to sleep any longer and Stop, Enough of All that Playing Church. ( I have Not read in my bible where it says Church go or become a member of any Church, Because Jesus Himself made us and birth us His very own living and loving Church ) Believer, if you sleep on, you will soon doubt if ever you have come to Christ at all and Jesus Church does Not have four walls, But two legs. So again Wake your But's Up in Jesus Name. Amen.