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The Jubilee Year, Its Our Time Brothers & Sisters In Jesus Christ:

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, We Only Share The Good News Of The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, That Is Changing And Transforming Lives Forever!!!

What Is The Jubilee Year? Why is it important? How is it related to Jesus' first message?
In the Bible, the year of Jubilee occurs after seven sets of seven yearly intervals (49 total) are completed. The fiftieth or "liberty" year is proclaimed on one of God's annual feast days known as the Day of Atonement. Because God owns everything, he set up a special, regularly occurring time period called the Jubilee when a man's possessions would be returned to him.

This fiftieth ( Jubilee ) year is sacred - it is a time of freedom and of celebration when everyone will receive back their original property, and slaves will return home to their families . . . If one of your brothers becomes indigent and has to sell himself to you, don't make him work as a slave. Treat him as a hired hand or a guest among you. He will work for you until the Jubilee . . . ( Leviticus 25:10, 39 - 40 ).

Israel was also commanded in the Bible to redeem tithes and other things based on how long it was to the next Jubilee period ( Leviticus 27 ). We have always been Free from the Jewish Laws, as being His Gentile Church, We are saved by grace and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Leviticus 26 states THE reason ancient Israel went into captivity was for not allowing the land to rest every seven years - by not giving it a break and letting it enjoy its own Sabbath rest! Scripture states, "If in spite of this you still do not listen to me but continue to be hostile toward me, then in my anger I will be hostile toward you . . . I will scatter you among the nations . . . Your land will be laid waste . . ." ( Leviticus 26:27 - 28, 33 ).

Jesus' Public Ministry, He Met People Needs Personal And Spiritual!
Jesus, near the start of his public ministry, quoted a section of Scripture related to the Jubilee. He stated, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me; for this reason, He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor . . . to send forth in deliverance those who have been crushed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord" ( Luke 4:18 - 19, ). Jesus was quoting from Isaiah 61, verses 1 and 2. His reference to the "acceptable year of the Lord" is a Biblical synonym for the Jubilee year.

The United States Churches & Spiritual Leadership
The Liberty Bell initially cast in 1752 A.D. (now in Philadelphia), is an iconic symbol of American independence. The bell's first inscribed line quotes part of the verse found in the King James Bible version of Leviticus 25:10 which mentions the jubilee. The bell rang on July 8th, 1776 to summon the people to hear the Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately, the United States Church Leadership or its Pastors has not obeyed the Jubilee Law. It is widely believed the bell received its crack in 1835 A.D. while being rung. The crack, which occurred roughly fifty years after America's War of Independence ended in 1783, was severe enough to cause the bell never to ring again

( Our Jubilee Is Found And Written In Acts 2:36-47 And Acts 4:30-37 And Also 2 Corinthians 8:9-16 And 2 Corinthians 9:12 )

The Lord God Paid In FULL Our Sin Dept, A Dept We Just Could Not Pay.
The Jubilee Year. And The Church That Jesus Christ Himself Birth, Built and is Building Up. He not only wants His Brothers and Sisters in the Household of faith Free from Sin, Demons, the Devil, Darkness, But He wants Us All Free from whatever Dept we are in, Yes, ever Final Dept, please read and study what Jesus your true Bishop and Pastor of your souls did in the gospel, He forgave Not only Sin Dept, But All and Evry Depts, You Rich and Wealthy Preachers and Ministries brag about how your ministries are dept free, God said He wants His chosen people likewise to become dept Free, and He did not bless you to bank up the Money and Kingdom Wealth just for yourselves, its for every member of the body of Jesus Christ, So start giving and sharing God's blessing, not in words only but deeds and in your actions. We Must Forgive All Depts just as our Heavenly Father in Jesus Christ Forgave Us. Jesus Paid It All, And With Tears In My Eyes, All To Him We Now Owe!!!