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The Lord By The Holy Spirit Of Truth Voice, Say's To Gather God's Sons and Daughters Together Under Heaven From Every Nation Tongues & Tribes In Biblical Love, Blessings & Unity In Christ Oneness!!!

Greetings from Apostle Winfree James, Sr! We would like to take a few minutes of your time and introduce and familiarize you with what you will find on our sites, and where you will find them! The Apostle Winfree James Sr Nations Churches Social Media and Search Engines are where most believers start, and most of the recent site updates are found there for quick reference.


The most noticeable feature on the Home page is the Social Media & Radio Ministry of the latest message preached by me, your serving Apostle, and this gets updated weekly as each new message is posted online. Directly above the navigation menu, you will find the other section which gives a brief description of the ministry message teachings, when it becomes available. If you fellowship with us live as the Lord leads or on Sundays, please sow seeds for a meeting place here in Houston, this helps you see where we're going, so you can know ahead of time if desired.


To the top right of the information menu. On Sunday morning, clicking on these pages will take you to a page where you can read and study that day's Kingdom Confirmation Word from the Lord live as it happens. You can also sign in to the chat room where you will be able to ask questions and fellowship with other online attendees from around the World.






Type into your search engine you will find links to the Apostle James Winfree Ministries presence on the multiple social media sites we belong to, which are,,,,,, and CNN accounts. Please feel free to Friend, Follow, and Subscribe, etc. to all of our Social Media outlets so you won’t miss any of the great content we have to share - and be sure to share us with your friends.




if you wish to share a page from our site on your social media sites, on the far left side is a vertical row of icons to quickly share the page you are currently on. You can quickly share with, Link In. com, Facebook. com, Twitter. com, or via Email, as well as Print the page. Clicking the orange plus sign (+) will open a dialog box with many other social media sharing site options.


At the top of our page is the Apostle Winfree James Sr, and clicking this on any page will take you back to our main home page. Underneath the banner, you will see our main navigation blue bar with various tabs that provide access to all of the content available on our page. Here is a break down of the contents of each tab, looking at them from left to right.




that will take you to where you are reading this content presently.




this, of course, will take you to the home page.




and this is probably the most frequently visited area on our site, and clicking it will take you to the main studies hub page. Here you will find the central location to help you find all of the messages preached by Apostle Winfree, James, Sr., as well as those given by other speakers over the years. We have divided the message into various categories to make the desired topics easier to find. Messages are grouped into three main categories:




Please Note:



Apostle Winfree James, Sr provides this material free of charge for the edification of the Body of Christ. But we ask that when sharing this information in part or in whole that you give proper credit, including, but not limited to speaker’s name, the title of the message, and date of message and sow a seed for a meeting place in Houston, TX.




if you have a desire to support the work of Apostle Winfree James Sr, the contributions page shows you a couple of different ways we offer you to get involved in helping to contribute to the growth of our ministry.




Do you want to know more about us? Here is the place to find out. Get a general idea on how the Ministry approaches the teachings of Scripture, our form of Kingdom government as well as links at the top of the page for the Ministry Constitution, Doctrinal Statement and other relevant topics that let you know about the Ministry.




one of the most powerful and useful tool to find things on our site. Search for keywords or phrases regarding topics you are interested in finding out more about, and you will get a list of all of the messages contained in the Apostle Winfree James Sr web sites which are most relevant to your search criteria. If you have a question about a subject, search for it here before writing us directly, as you will find much more detailed content that we can write in response to your inquiry.


Thank you for visiting Apostle Winfree James Sr. online. We hope the information you find here will be edifying to your Kingdom Christian life. If you have questions or comments on any of the messages, or other content on our web site please let us know, we would love to hear from you. Jesus Christ Is LORD!!!


We Only Share The Government Of Heaven, God's Love & Grace, The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, That Is Transforming Believers Lives, And They Are Changing The Nations!!!