Elder James R, Winfree, Sr. God's Global Passionate Biblical Messenger, And, The Lord Jesus Christ Churches & Believing Nations Transformational Apostle:


( Those That Have Spiritual Ears, Let Them Hear What The Holy Spirit Of Truth Says)


Our heavenly Father anointed, called, chosen and Kingdom transformational sons and daughters of the Lord, don't become self-centered and selfish in your lives and ministry! Yeshua Christ Jesus has given you power over all the works of the enemy, and He calls you today to rise up and take authority over the powers of darkness that have come to bring destruction in His Churches and, Believing Nations Body of Christ Believers. My spiritual family and social media supporters and followers, Refuse to succumb to self-pity and weakness. Haven't our Lord God said that He will cause you to always triumph? Do not believe the lies of the enemy that victimize you. Take your stand. Do not be afraid, for Christ Jesus our Blessed Savior is with you to bring you through even the most difficult of situations. 


God's heavenly family, Rise up, Church! Many of you have been in a spiritual asleep and, just being religious and builders worshipers in hibernation. It is time to awaken from your spiritual slumber and get your head above ground, off of only your Pastors, Bishops, and Founders, so you can see Jesus Christ again in His anointed, appointed, chosen Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists and, Teachers, alone with our heavenly Father Ministry gifts in His Churches. Rejection, criticism, and the judgments and opinions of others have forced you into hiding in religious buildings you call your Church homes, But we have a home not made with hands, eternal in the heavens... You have withdrawn for self-protection. Haven't the Lord said that you must rejoice in the midst of persecution my Kingdom of heaven brothers and sisters? Why then are you retreating and hiding out? Come forth in boldness and confidence in God's Kingdom. You are Christ Jesus warriors on your watch and in this season, and the Holy Spirit anointing is calling you forth to stand and fight against the powers of darkness that have pressed you into retreat under religious men and women and on social media. You are not victims; you are Christ the Lord God victors by the power of His blood and power.


 Christ the Lord brothers and sisters, I say, follow Jesus Christ. He has gone before you to make crooked places straight. Yeshua has a plan and a purpose for you to fulfill in His Blessed Kingdom of Unity and, Oneness, but you must leave behind all that obstructs your progress. Today is the day to lay down those religious burdens. the anointing in my life and ministry as His online social media transformational Apostle, I speak specifically of pride and offense. Christ Jesus is the healer of broken, wounded soldiers, but He cannot heal your wounds or mend your broken hearts when you are so reluctant to let Him have them. Jesus cannot touch what you will not give Him in faith. Release those who have hurt you, and forgive them. You cannot untangle this mess by being in the midst of it. Rise up in the strength of God's Spirit and overcome by choice. Refocus, and begin to move ahead again my spiritual family in our Savior, Lord and soon coming,  King, King Jesus Christ.

Only follow Jesus and those who point you to Him. Our bible says... Luke 10:19 "Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. In Jesus Christ, Amen God's sons and His daughters."


The Lord Jesus Christ Conformation Biblical Spiritual Word, Written & Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.




" AWE "