I hear the Lord say by the Holy Spirit, rise up His anointed and chosen people. Where for yourself Christ new garments in your lifetime, for the kingdom of God is at hand His Church. The glory of His kingdom is His covering to you and in the blood of Jesus Christ. So cast off the old, forgetting those things which are behind you His body, run the race quickly to that which is ahead. Come into this newness of time and into this season with strength, joy, and peace. Most of all come with a glorious expectation of His gifts and treasures that He alone placed inside of you, His loving presence, and His power. For, surely Jesus Christ is the Lord your God who forgives all of your iniquities, heals all of your diseases, and provides all those things necessary for you to be of service first to the members of your body His Church. So arise to a new position of faith today and all those things, which are not as those they were. Retain your joy and again rejoice. For, Our Spirit Father in Christ has not left us, Christ has not forgotten us, or forsake us. And, it is true that Jesus will be with you always to lead and to guide you; to empower you and to teach you the things that pertain to the kingdom of God. For such is the time and such is the season. Come forth, All those that God has given a gift or gifts to, and Not just preachers.. beloved, and be what you have been called to be, says the Lord.

 Arise All of God's children for it is time for you to rise and shine in the kingdom of the Father. It is time for you to be fully equipped used and supported in His Church Kingdom. The Holy Spirit of Truth and Grace have been teaching you, leading you, and guiding you. Now it is the time of application. It is time for you to apply that which you have learned. Begin to apply by faith His word to every circumstance. Learn to apply by faith the words that Christ give you so that they will become a light unto others path. Let your faith now arise and come higher. Begin to exercise that spiritual muscle that our Father has given to you. Learn to walk by faith and believe with a faith that is greater than you have ever exercised before. Your faith will come by hearing and by hearing the word of the Lord and your faith will work through the love of Jesus Christ. Allow faith to become the substance of the things that you hope for. Let is become the evidence of that which you cannot perceive or see. Allow it to become a witness to you that the Lord Jesus is indeed with you and He will bring you through to victory as you walk with Him in this season of Glory, says the Lord.

Well, what are you waiting for, His Beloved chosen appointed sons and daughters of His?  Have the Holy Ghost not spoken to you? Has He not come to you, my brothers and sisters? Have you not felt the stirring and the moving in the fire of the Holy Spirit of the living God? Do you not understand that these are unique times, that these are great times? These times will bring forth the manifestation of My presence and Christ kingdom. Therefore, I say again, why do you wait, and stop supporting, giving and spending time with those who do not support you and your gifts and calling and God's special treasures He placed in you? Rise up and take your position in the kingdom. Rise up with your faith and reach out to receive. Rise up and write your destiny upon the spiritual fabric of your existence and people lives. Come forth in this hour. Do not wait, any longer pew sitters and buildings only worshipers. The glory of Christ kingdom is being poured out in a greater dimension than you have ever witnessed, says the Lord God Almighty. Work while it is called today, when the night comes, work comes to an end in our lives, Don't you want to hear from the Lord God, Well done His good and faithful servants, Enter into the joy of the Lord and receive your rest. Amen.


Given And Shared By Apostle James R Winfree Sr,