Share the Truth in Love

Share the Truth in Love.


Given by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


Jesus Christ Believer's and followers need to stand up for those who have messed up, who have been caught red-handed in a sinful lifestyle. We need to say to them "Stop. Change. Leave your life of sin." But we also need to say, "I' was a sinner too, But now I'm new in Christ and save by His amazing grace. We all need GOD'S grace as much as you do."


The Church Body was meant to be a loving family, a gathering of GOD'S chosen people covered by grace, Not a collection of strugglers seeking to overcome sin, Jesus Christ gave us His Power over sin only if we use it and live in His Holy Spirit. WE are not meant to be a rock-throwing Spiritual family.


If you've had rocks hurled your way, please know that they were thrown without Jesus' authorization. Come back. Try again. There are Jesus Believer's loving chosen people who are really trying to live like Jesus who will love you, accept you and help you to change. Jesus doesn't want to condemn. He wants to save. His Believer's and  followers should feel the same. 


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Your Church and Nations Apostle James Winfree Sr,


Do I love you, Ask Jesus!


We Are Leading All Souls To Our Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.




Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries.


Our GOD Loves A Happy Giver!!!