Part Two, Do His Will.

Yes, How Can We Help Other Jesus Loving Believers First, And, Them All Others?
Part Two....Shared by Apostle James Winfree Sr.

Be Jesus Christ Body Here On Earth, And Allow Him To Do His Will, Work, Plan And His Purpose in you and through you!!!

  The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that everyone benefits from serving and being served by others. Service is not only about filling a need but it is also about showing love to our brothers and sisters.

A person would be pretty hard-pressed to call himself or herself a Christian without feeling a deep obligation and desire to serve their fellow spiritual family and other human beings. Jesus Christ taught us to "Love One Another" while He was on earth, and He also said, "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples if you have love one to another" ( Apostle John 13: 35 ).
The way to show our love for GOD is to serve the Body of Saints first and then all others. The facts are, the different ways we can bear one another's burdens are almost limitless. Think of all the financial, emotional, physical and spiritual help we can offer Jesus body of Believers first which are our real true Family and then all others.
My Brothers and My Sisters, just think of your own GOD gave talents. Maybe you're good with numbers, you're very creative, you don't get angry easily—whatever. Think how much those talents mean when you share them with someone who needs your particular brand of expertise ( just like I need all the help. support and love you sends my way ) Amen.
Yes, even the little things we do, like helping someone in their home or holding open a door, can make life a little easier for someone else. A person doesn't have to look far to find opportunities to donate their time and energy. The beauty of following Christ's example is that we don't need to evaluate who, when or how we serve, we just act. Service can be planned or spontaneous, for someone we know or a stranger. Christian service shies away from recognition accepts no reward and its only motivation is Christ love. Amen.
Apostle James Winfree Sr. Online Nations Media Church Ministries.
We Are Leading All Souls To Our LORD And KING, JESUS CHRIST.
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