Our Prayers & Christ Anointing Is Transforming Lives!!!



Apostle James R Winfree Sr. The Lord's Anointed & Appointed Churches & Kingdoms Transformational Messenger:


 The Lord's window open, and I kept hearing the word "souls" in my spirit, and the Lord said that we as His people today are on the His purpose of a breakthrough in our great nation and the world. We are going to break out of hindrances today because He wants us to go forth in spiritual freedom. So, we are coming out, and we are going to go forth in the Name of the Lord Yeshua Jesus.


 Stop and consider where you are my Kingdom of heaven family. Look around and see from where you have come. For, indeed, God has brought you to a new realm spiritually. He has brought you higher. You are no longer who and what you were. The Lord God our heavenly Father is causing you to move in a greater dimension of His presence, for you are more sensitive to His Holy Spirit leading so that you come at His call, and you go at the slightest gesture. As you are becoming one with Him, your heart is moved by His Kingdom purposes. You no longer consider your own good ideas, nor are you motivated by the need to satisfy your own flesh and selfish desires. He sees the faithfulness and steady course of hearts wholly given to Him. This is the season and window open to reach souls, and many well-known people powerful, wealthy and supper rich, are coming to Jesus Christ... and they will be supporting and giving to those who are faithful. loving and anointed to reach... Yes, they are coming into His Kingdom at this hour.


 Beloved brothers and sisters, many of you have felt rejected and been offended, and now you have been moved to thoughts of retaliation. You have considered how you can retaliate without appearing to be petty, so you have whitewashed your motives with spiritual reasonings. This deception and revenge will only lead to spiritual darkness, for you will not only isolate yourself from those who have offended you, but you will separate yourself from His anointing. Revenge is forbidden fruit, for have God not said that vengeance is His and He will repay! Yours is only to forgive and to keep your motives and intentions pure and godly. Bring your objections to Him, and He will bring vindication and healing.


 I am moving mightily in your midst. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, for I am coming as a mighty wind to tear down strongholds. I will utterly pluck up and destroy the work of the sons of disobedience. I am watching over My word to perform it, for that which has been an abomination to Me must be thrown down and plundered. I whistle to the four winds and call forth My warriors to plunder the camp of the enemy. This, My people is a time of vindication before I call you forth to plant and to build. The whole earth has groaned and travailed for this time. Rejoice and witness the great things that I am about to perform.


 It is vital that you sort out your thoughts and impressions, and separate truth from lies. Discouragement has come because you have entertained a lie. Come back to that solid place where you know what is truth; extract and discard all fear that has crept in. Enter this process deliberately. Jesus has work for you to do, but the lies and fear have kept you in turmoil and have created a whirlwind in your mind that will limit your freedom and progress. This has been very subtle, so you must quiet your soul and consciously come back to your firm foundation. Allow Christ to bring the discernment necessary to this process. Eliminate everything that undermines faith and purity, and stop hating on those who are coming to Christ from all areas of the entertainment business and all other places.


 The Lord's people, it is time for you to regroup. You have had many things come at you in the way of busyness and distraction. Clear your minds, and come into rest and peace. Leave the things of the past behind. Cease all striving. Come, let us take sweet communion together. You are Christ's own special treasure, and He desires your fellowship in love and grace. Let Him refresh you and heal your wounds. Allow Him to bring a fresh, new perspective and to direct your next step. Yeshua will give you the wisdom you need to sort out the details of your life so that you can keep moving ahead in the proper order. This is a brand new day; begin again His churches and spiritual Kingdom leaders.


 He calls you to seek first the Kingdom of God, to identify first and foremost with His purposes. The time is right for you to rise up and see life from an eternal perspective. I say that many of you have become short-sighted and microscopic in your vision as you examine every detail of yourselves, your life, your circumstances, and your relationships. Our heavenly Father's desire is for you to look through the eyes of the Holy Spirit and to see with clarity the whole picture of His plans and purposes for His beloved people. Introspection will cause you to be hypersensitive and delicate, and this will lead to isolation and religious. It is not His purpose for you to isolate yourself, but to take your Kingdom position in His Holy Spirit and loving Body, His and your heavenly spiritual family. Amen.


The Anointing & Grace That Is On & In My Ministry & Life Are Helping Christians, To Become God's Own Sons & Daughters, And They Are Changing Their World & Nations.


" We Can't-Wait To Be Of Biblical Loving Kingdom Service To You, In The Lord Jesus Christ Transformation,