Our Precious Social Media Church & Kingdom Family,


Greetings in the Name of our Lord & Savior - Jesus Christ & Welcome to the month of December & the beginning of the Lord's Kingdom Season! We Pray that God's Hand of Protection & Preservation will rest upon you & your family during this being totally FREE in JESUS of the Season! To many reading this message, I sense that there have been Delays in your life that seem to have lasted 'Forever!' You have been Praying for & Believing God for your Miracle( and purpose); When you started Praying for it, You thought it will Manifest within a day or two, or perhaps within a month or even within the year. However, many months & maybe years later, you're still Praying (or maybe you've even given up Praying) & or still Believing God for what our heavenly Father promised you!


At such times, we've often wondered if God still Answers Prayers or if our Faith, Patience or Persistence still Works! While many things could be responsible for such Delays; however, many times, even when God Answers your Prayers & Releases His very own plan, purpose and will for your lives....., often the devil tries to get in the way of your answer to prayers. He is often responsible for most Delays! And there's often a 'spirit of delay' that the enemy tries to use to ensure that your GOD GAVE PROMISE never Manifest, & that you keep on Waiting.


The enemy kind of Intercepts most of the Answers to your Prayer & the Manifestations of your Promise! Many believers are even under the enemy's 'yoke of delay' that makes almost everything to be unnecessarily Delayed in their lives! If this has been your experience in any way; Well, I've got Good News for you today! Receive The Word of The LORD: "Your Time for the Release of your God gave promise has arrived! The spirit of Delay is being Broken! Because Your Time of Release is here in Jesus Christ!" The enemy can't withstand the Word of The Lord! He'll have to surrender all his attacks to the authority of God's Word; & because of God's Word being declared over your life; you shall not remain on that spot again! That power of delay over your life is now being broken; you're entering a new season & a new dawn in your life & destiny that shall be characterized by a supernatural acceleration of progress in your life that will compensate for all your delays & or setbacks in life! Get ready for a Change of Season!


I Prophesy over you that All God has for you, it is for you!!!: Whatever be your needs or the desires of your heart; or whatever you've been praying & trusting God for; There will be No More Delays! It's Time for The Release of your will and plan of our Spiritual heavenly Father! ...Receive it in Jesus Name!


Our Father God Word says...."And it shall come to pass in that day, that your burdens shall be taken away from off your shoulders, & your yokes from off your necks & the yokes shall be destroyed because of the anointing." Isaiah: 10: 27 ( Say, Amen In Jesus Name).


Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Ministries.