Yes, Both, Jews And Gentiles, Is One New Man, In Jesus Christ:


Apostle James, R, Winfree Sr, God's Anointed, Chosen And, Appointed Messenger, And The Lord Jesus Christ Global Kingdom Nations Churches Transformational,

Apostle, Serving And, Ministering To And, For God's Sons And, Daughters In Building Them Up, To Lead, As We Together In Love, And, Unity Follow Christ Jesus.


The focus of the gospel message is singular: “I have given My Son, so you can be My sons and My daughters.” In Christ, God’s purpose is to make both Jews and Gentiles One New Man (One Loving Spiritual Heavenly Kingdom Family). Jesus Christ made both One. Yes, He made it possible for Jews and Gentiles to be brothers and sisters in One family.


But in making both One, His aim was reconciling Jews and Gentiles. The reconciliation is between them, just like All Nations should and must be One, in the Church of Jesus Christ. The One New Man is Born Again Spiritual Jews and Gentiles in Christ our Savior,


But out of the Jews and out of the Gentiles, One New Man, that is the same kind of New Man. One kind of man that serves God in Unity and Oneness, His Christ Believers. Jesus Christ made both One, One Body, One Bride, One Church, One Temple.


Spiritual Jews still do not remain Old covenant keepers Jews, Nor do Gentiles still remained Ungodly and Godless Gentiles. But, in Christ, both are His New Creation, His New Spiritual heavenly Man.


Now at peace with God ( 2:16-17 ). The law is taken out of the way ( 2:15 ). It was a special arrangement for Jews that made them a different kind of chosen people from the Gentiles. When the Old Testament, Old Laws, Old Covenants was taken out of the way now Saved Spiritual Jews and Gentiles are One with God in Chris,


The Moses Laws of what separated us have been dissolved. Not only that, but the estrangement man had with man has now been removed, especially between spiritual born again in Christ Jews and Gentiles. There was a middle wall of partition. That wall has been abolished by and in Jesus Christ forever.


Abolished means that which has separated Jews and Gentiles has been rendered inoperative. That is, by His death on the cross, Jesus abolished the law of commandment and rendered inoperative the whole Mosaical system.


That system contained ordinances that were designed to keep the Jews separate from the rest of mankind. But those ordinances were only designed to continue until Christ came and died as a sacrifice. After His death, there was no longer any occasion to continue the ordinances and figure of the law that caused enmity between Jews and Gentiles, Blacks and Whites and Browns, and Reds, and Yellows, and Mixed, and All others. In Jesus Christ Blessed And, Holy Name. Amen.


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