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Hello, Good Morning, And, celebrated unified loving diversity God sons and daughters in the Lord...We must have a reason for the world to look at us and see what we’re going through with challenges, trials, struggles, and pain. We need them to look at us and ask, “how do you go through this and not fall apart? How do you handle this like you are? Show us!” the world doesn’t need to see more of our frowns; hear more of our complaints, and feel more of our burdens. They need to see how our heavenly Father carry our loads, walking by faith. And even when the journey sends us to the complaint department, we’re only here to speak about One Person, The Lord God Jesus Christ.

Let today be the day we pour out our complaints to God instead of family, preachers, friends, coworkers, church members, or even social media. Let today be the day that we reflect our trust in God and His ability to heal your hurt, to fix what’s broken; to mend what’s torn; to build up what’s been demolished; to repair what fell apart! Let’s live, and speak, and act, in such a way that our world has to stop and question us about our Jesus. Let’s give the world a reason to trust Him, our Lord God and, Blessed Savior, King Jesus, show them Jesus in you, let your light shine so the people of our world will see all of your good acts and works, and they will give Jesus Christ the glory and praiseAmen.


Shared And, Given By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr,

My Life's Aim, Mission, Ministries Is To Get You All, To Really Truly Fall In Love With, ' JESUS ',

And, Help Get Your Names Written In God's Lambs Book Of Life In His Love.

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