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The husbandman that labor. works serve, and ministers..., Must do Ministry Just like 

Jesus Christ did.

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We must be the first partaker of the Word in which we preach, teach and share, before others; and the design may be to observe that the ministers of the word ought first to be partakers of the grace of God, the fruits of the Spirit, and of the Gospel, and rightly and spiritually understand it, before We preach it to others; or that such who labour in the word and doctrine, ought in the first place to be taken care of, and have a sufficient maintenance provided for them, 1 Corinthians 9:7 or that as they will have in the first place some seals and fruits of their ministry, in the conversion of souls, so they will shine in the kingdom of heaven as the brightness of the firmament, and as the stars for ever and ever. Though the words may be rendered, and which seems more agreeable to the context, and to the apostle's argument, "the husbandman must first labour before he partakes of the fruits"; so a minister of the Gospel must first labor, and endure hardships in this life, before he sits down in the kingdom of heaven, and takes his rest, and enjoys the crown of glory, which fades not away, which the Chief Shepherd shall give unto us.


 Yes, We must be the first partaker, The right of first partaking of the fruits belongs to him who is laboring; do not you, therefore, relax your labors, as you would be foremost in partaking of the reward. We must live ourselves just what we say we believe and preach. Period.


God's beloved family in Christ Jesus, As our trials increase, we need to grow stronger in that which is good; our faith stronger, our resolution stronger, our love to God and Christ stronger. This is opposed to our being strong in our own strength. All Christians, but especially Ministers, must be faithful to their Captain, and resolute in His cause. The great care of a Christian must be to please Christ. We are to strive to get the mastery of our lusts and corruptions, but we cannot expect the prize unless we observe the laws. We must take care that we do good in a right manner, that our good may not be spoken evil of. Some who are active, spend their zeal about outward forms and doubtful disputations. But those who strive lawfully shall be crowned at last. If we would partake the fruits, we must labor; if we would gain the prize, we must run the race. We must do the will of God before we receive the promises, for which reason we have need of patience. Together with our prayers for others, that the Lord would give them understanding in all things, we must exhort and stir them up to consider what they hear or read. Amen Church.



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