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( We Are One Bread In The One Body Of Jesus Christ )


Kingdom Churches Spiritual Family and dear friends, unity must begin with you and me, if it is to spread to others. We must examine our own hearts. We've all been hurt by others in the Christian faith, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Against whom do we bear a grudge? ( Mark 11:25 ). Who has something against you? ( Matthew 5:23-24 ). Christ Jesus says we must settle these things before we go to sleep or worship in Spirit and Truth.


Of course, the bread Jesus used at the Last Supper was unleavened, but we have no record that the early Churches made an effort to make special unleavened bread for the Lord's Supper. Their normal leavened bread was no doubt used for the occasion.


It was the custom in Israel for the head of the house to begin each meal by taking the loaf of bread, giving thanks, and then breaking or tearing it and giving some to each one at the table. Among the disciples, Jesus was the one who broke the bread and began the meals this way. Apostle Paul uses this custom as a Biblical unity in Christ and with one another in the household of faith:


"Because there is One loaf, we, who are many, are One body, for we all partake of the One loaf." ( 1 Corinthians 10:17 )

The verse seems almost parenthetical to the main thrust of the passage. But ApostlePaul can't leave his mention of the bread without making a special point about unity. Why, Because God In Christ Jesus Is One!


The Church at Corinth had serious problems with unity. Indeed, much of Brother Paul's letter deals with issues that divided them and produced jealousy and quarreling ( 1 Corinthians 3:3 ). Some of the areas that divided them included:

Allegiance to leaders. Some claimed Elder Paul as their mentor, others Apollos, or Cephas. Still, others proclaimed that they followed Christ (b1 Corinthians 1:10-13). Just like so many of you today, calling Religious leaders and buildings your very own leader and Church Homes.


Moral Issues. They didn't have the unity they needed to disfellowship a member who was sleeping with his father's wife. Yes, the immoral climate of Corinth made them resist godly standards of morality ( 5:1-13 ). Apostle Paul has to insist on standards of sexual immorality, as well as stealing, greediness, cheating in business, and slander (6:9-20)


Religious Syncretism ( or mixing Christianity with idolatry and Moses Old Laws and Covenants ). Some members felt it was okay to eat foods offered to idols, while others were consciousness-stricken ( 8:1-13 ). Still, others attended the pagan Sunday's services with their old friends and trade guild workers ( 10:6-33 ).

Disputes between Members. Members were openly suing each other in secular courts, rather than settling their differences by bringing them to the church (6:1-8 ).

Class Distinctions. At the common meals of the Church community, the wealthy ate first without regard for the poor believers getting enough or had Nothing which to pay ( 11:17-22 ). Look at what the Religious Preachers of our Day do, if you have the money you are part of the inner circle, But if you don't, you just left out!!! Would the Jesus Christ you know, Do this?


Spiritual gifts were a problem, with some flaunting their ability to speak in tongues while causing chaos in the Church ( Chapters 12 and 14 ). Apostle Paul had to emphasize the One Spirit who distributed the gifts to the One body ( 12:12-13 ).

Doctrinal Disputes. Some believe in the resurrection of Christ and others denied it ( 15:12 ).

Understood in this context, our verse must be seen as an attempt by Apostle Paul to use the symbol of the One Loaf of Bread to illustrate another Biblical truth of Unity, Christ believers as a body with Christ as The Only Real True Biblical Spiritual Kingdom Head. Amen.



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