I Just Will Not Baby you!

I Just Won't BABY you!

Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,/ I Owe you GOD'S Truth.


Our Beloved, chosen and very anointed Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 13:11-12. When I was a child, and not that I am a man, I put away childish things The difference between our present and future conceptions of spiritual things may be illustrated by the knowledge of a child compared to that of a man. For in our present state, we are mere infants in knowledge, in comparison of what we shall be hereafter. I spake as a child  Would naturally do, words hardly intelligible, and often unmeaning; I understood, Or was affected, as parents baby or child,  may be rendered; as a child, That is, thrown into transports of joy or grief on trifling occasions, which mainly reason soon taught me to despise. I thought daddy baby, mom's baby, I reasoned; as a child In a weak, inconclusive, and sometimes ridiculous manner. But when I became a man My faculties being ripened; 

I put away childish things Of my own accord, willingly, without trouble; and entertained sentiments, and engaged in pursuits, correspondent to such advancements of age and reason. Such shall be the improvements of the heavenly state of Jesus Believers, in comparison with those which the most eminent Christians can attain in GOD'S Church. For now, we see  Even the things that surround us; through weak spiritual leaders and ministers and also the members of His body, the Church The expression, pastors children or his personal members, you belong to GOD and Nobody or Noone Else. But others are of opinion that the word denotes a brazen mirror, like those of which Moses made the laver, Exodus 38:8; 


and that the Apostle’s meaning is, that we see things as it were by images reflected from a mirror, because in the revelations of GOD, invisible things are represented by visible, and spiritual things by natural, and eternal things by such as are temporal.” But then  We shall see, not a faint reflection, or an obscure resemblance, but the objects themselves, in a clear and distinct manner; face to face  As men see each other when they behold each the other’s face. Now I know in part  Even when GOD Himself reveals things to me, 


 the veil has been removed in By Jesus Christ Himself; but then shall I know even as also I am known  In a clear, full, biblical faith; in some measure like GOD, who penetrates the center of every part of me, and sees at one glance through my soul and all things, that the darkness in which things at present are involved, is in some respects necessary; for as in childhood our knowledge and conception of things are wisely made imperfect, that we may the more easily submit to the exercises and discipline which are proper to our childish state; so in the present life, which in relation to the whole of our existence may be called childhood, our knowledge of invisible things is appointed to be imperfect, that we may employ ourselves with pleasure in the occupations of the present life. 


But when the season of childhood is over, and the grand scenes of the heavenly Kingdom open upon us, we shall no more see spiritual things darkly as in a riddle, but we shall see them clearly, and shall fully know even as we ourselves are fully known of superior beings and sons and daughters of GOD. In short, we shall leave off all those imperfect methods of acquiring knowledge which we made use of on earth. Yes, we are all, those who have obeyed The Lord GOD and only Savior JESUS CHRIST and wearing His Blessed and Holy Name according to Acts 2: 37-38 and allowing the Holy Spirit to Rule their lives. GOD'S Awesome Word says we are complete in Him, Christ. Amen.” 




Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries.