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They Say, I'm Here For You, But Don't Ask For Any Real Help:

Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,

When you say, Why am I always the one helping others? Are you doing this on your own or because the Love and Grace of GOD told you to do so?

Yes, and if you say when you need someone nobody comes for me? that means you expect the people whom you helped to come to you when you need someone for some help. Is this so, and the only thing they have to offer you is their prayers and a word only.

We Must Allow The Jesus in us to do His works.

When you help on your own or if someone asks for help, do it without expectation. I mean without expecting anything in return my spiritual family. You should help if you are able and willing to help them with zero expectations.

And when you need someone for some help, then you will get that help for sure if you're not expecting from the people whom you helped or from your family or friends. Always look to Jesus The Way Maker.

Because I have experienced this in my life a lot of times, and to be open and honest, it does Hurt.

Did everybody the Lord Jesus Christ helped ever in return help Him or even gave Him thanks?

Because it doesn't work that way. When you help someone without any expectation, then when you need some help in future you will get that help may be a stranger or so. but it will be more than your expectation. Trust GOD our Heavenly Father.

I Believe in helping other without any expectation. Because the Greater One who lives in me is doing His work, He will give you His Blessings more than your expectation.

Yes be loving and be faithful in our GOD, The LORD JESUS CHRIST!
And don't worry about the people who didn't come to you when you were in need of them. Instead, Bless them more then you will get Blessed more without your notice and the Blessings of GOD our Spiritual Father will start happening in your life.

We Are Leading All Souls To The LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST, The Savior Of All Souls!
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