I Got To Say, This

God's children who are created in God's very own image Must Stop, How can this really be called a Christian Nation with all these Churches and Religious buildings and services and our Country is so full of Hate, and the so-called spiritual and Church leaders not saying anything about all this Evil?... is a plague on humanity, But is the members stop giving and supporting these false Preachers and self-gain and self-interest star Preachers, they will get out of the way so that the chosen hand picked by God will preach and teach the truth and make sure that All the believers in the house are blessed and supported  . It must be condemned and confronted everywhere and anywhere it appears in America and around the world, that if your Pastors, Leaders, and Ministers have everything and living like kings and queens and you are lacking, they are in SIN. Adam and Ever is the world first parents and we All have the very same Blood, Not white blood, Not Black blood, Not Brown blood, Not Yellow blood, But Red blood, this making us One Epic human earthly family, Read Acts 17:26 and Eph 4:6 God is The Holy Loving Father of us, All. So Preachers in your Religious services and buildings bring Christ body together in His love and Not for your personal pleasure and use. Period.

Written and shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr.

In God's our heavenly Father's love.