The Holy Spirit Word To, You

Kingdom Greetings And Christ Blessings.

I am often complimented on my boldness in speaking the Truth!


But it is not me, It's the Holy Spirit in me in God's love.

Even though I respectfully receive these compliments, my heart beat accord to God's Holy Word, is to see All of God's chosen people in our Lord Jesus Christ, to be used and blessed in His Church Kingdom. The anointed Christ Believer life for me is Lord, Not my will, But Yours be done. I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to give away what has been given to me, even though you are don't and won't support my social media ministries. I hope to believe that most Christians embrace the same mind-set but, the reality is - they are misled by only those in religious buildings and television ministries or those who write books are doing the Lord's ministry...God spoke and always speaking to me in my prayer times, that so many are His children are lazy and trying to pay others to do what He commanded them to do and go... God said He placed in His Children All they need to obey and please Him in Jesus Christ, But you are believing lies of false, fake and wolves in sheep clothing leaders. The Lord God said He placed in His Church just what He wanted and it is Not our place to pick and choose who we will support and help. Our culture today wants "fast-food theology" - if they can't read it in 30 seconds, they don't! This is a sad and grievous thing to the Holy Spirit our Master Teacher. You are Not going to like this, But God our Spiritual Loving Father in Christ, says this, that most Pastors and Churches are Out of Biblical Order and you all are attending them, building them and supporting them, thinking you obeying and pleasing Him, But the truth of the matter you are Not...Your labor works, giving and all the rest are in vain and they are useless to Him, Our heavenly Father said He called His Church Kingdom body, Just like He created our bodies, Every member of our bodies are needed and very important to us and He God by Christ placed them All their and He has placed ministry gifts and His treasures in His members to serve and be His blessing to one another first and reach out to the lost, But serve His body and bless them and build them us first so they are healed and Not lacking in God's Household of faith. Amen and again, Amen.


Given and shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,