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True Or False?: Yes, many of you have played the harlot men and women; you have come dancing among God's chosen people, His Church, But the Holy Spirit of Truth say to you, He knows your hearts. He has seen your lustings after your very own spiritual family in the faith; He has seen your lustings after the pastors and leaders in the household of faith--those that are full of their self and the flesh. God has seen your lustings after the things of the world, and He will not tolerate it in His Church family anymore, for it is written that God's house is a house of prayer meaning His living believers in Jesus Christ. His house is about to reveal the glory of The sons and daughters of God, resurrected and risen in all of their glory. But, to some of you, He would say you have left your first Love.


 Do you think that Jesus does not have eyes to see? Jesus has seen the lustings; He has seen the betrayals. the Lord has even seen the attitudes of your hearts. He knows from where you have come, and He knows the places to which you are going. Do you not think that God could call you one by one and expose your sins in this congregation family today? But, He says He will not because He's The God of grace in Christ Jesus. So, He gives you a time of preparation whereby you can examine your own hearts and whereby you can come before His throne with repentance in your hearts casting your sincerity upon the blood of The Lord Jesus Christ His Son, for He has shed His blood for the salvation of all.


Yes, so many of you are running from your past life; there are things that are hidden, things that are over you that cause you to walk with trembling and fear. For some, the devil has come to promote his spirit of fear, death and to seduce you into the lake of everlasting fire. To some, he has come as a seducing spirit to lead you away from the ones that you ought to love and the one that you do love, but yet in your hearts there is desire-, a selfishness. I speak to you today with clarity. I could speak to you about the pornographic materials that are hidden there in your house. I could talk to you about the thoughts of your mind in the even right Now. I could speak those things out in this blog I am writing right now, but I will not for Jesus Christ is the God of grace; He's the God of mercy. But, I will say this the day is coming shortly that He will no longer tolerate the sins that you continue in.


 God our heavenly Father will no longer tolerate the doubts and the unbelief and the attitudes of rebellion against Jesus Christ, for He is the Lord of the universe, the King of Glory, and all things are under His control. Has He not created the earth that you walk upon? Has He not even taken the dust from that earth and birthed forth by His breath your existence into this place? Whether you believe that you are His sons and daughters or not, yet you are! I said, yet you are! You did not form yourself. You did not come into this earth by your own volition, by your own will, by your own strength, or your own power. You came because of God, the Lord of Glory, created you to be instruments of sons and daughters. He created you to be His kings and priests. He created you that you might walk with Him in fellowship and that you might know your loving heavenly Father in Jesus Christ, for the Holy Ghost, is preparing a Kingdom for you that you will live in eternally if you so choose to serve Christ our Savior and King. If you choose not to serve Him, then let him who is wicked remain wicked, but let the righteous remain righteous.


 The End Times is upon us, and surely that day will come with fire and you will behold the wrath of your God, for He's not the God of kindness and severity outside of Jesus Christ? He is the God of judgment, for He cannot tolerate sin. He sees the things that you are doing. He knows the thing that you have allowed Satan to bring into your life. God hates the sin that you have allowed to come and corrupt your relationship with Him, our heavenly Father is The God of Holiness, and He has spoken in His word that you will serve Jesus Christ also with Holiness, for The Lord is the God of life. I say today, beware of the times that are before you and those things that are coming upon the Nations. I say that you need to prepare yourselves in righteousness; you need to prepare yourselves for the things that are coming, for judgment is coming upon the Church first because of rebellion and iniquity abound in Her. Again, I say again with tears in my eyes, Jesus Christ is the God of mercy, so I say this with an element of time that you might reconsider the things that you are doing. Understand this God's eyes are watching All of us; His Holy Spirit knows the things you are doing. This is the day of recompense that you may be reconciled to Him if you desire, and His Spirit of Truth inviting you to come before His throne with repentance and boldness in your hearts to declare the victory. Our Spiritual Father is, the God of Glory, come in love to chasten His sons and daughters today. Will you get it right with Him and with one another?



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