Here Today, Gone Today

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Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may get Right with GOD.


Psalms 90:12

Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr.


The New Living Translation of Psalm 90:12 reads, “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” This captures the meaning of the original Hebrew, though not its poetic character. If you were to translate this verse more literally, you might come up with: “So teach us to number our days, that we might get Right with GOD in Christ Jesus.”


What does it mean to number our days? It’s not the ability to count how many days we have lived or to predict how many days we have left. Numbering our days means, as the NLT indicates, realizing the brevity of life. It means knowing that we only have so many days on this earth, and therefore we want to “seize the day,” living each day to the fullest.


When we recognize that we have only so much time on this earth, that truth will help us think rightly about how to spend our time. This, in turn, will encourage us to grow in wisdom. We will want to judge well how to use the time allotted to us, and this requires godly perspective. It’s not just knowing what we can do, but also what we should do. When we number our days, we will strive to fill each one with value, living every moment for God’s purposes and glory in Jesus Christ our Savior and soon to come King.


Here Today, Gone Today: What helps you to number your days? What helps you to live each day to the fullest? Are there regular activities in your life that you would eliminate from your schedule if you were to number your days wisely?


Pray with me right Nw: Gracious Lord Jesus, thank you for the gift of life. Thank you for the days you have given me. Thank you for the chance to live with purpose each day, to serve you in every facet of my life.


O Lord, I do need you to teach me to number my days. I can so easily live my life as if it will go on forever. In a sense, it will, of course. But I don’t want to waste one moment of my life in this age. I want to experience all that life has to offer and to offer all that I am to you.


So teach me, Lord, to number my days, so that I might grow in wisdom so that I might live each day in the best possible way to please You, Jesus. To You Spiritual Father and our GOD be all the glory! Amen.


We Are Leading All Souls To The Only Real And True Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media church Ministries.


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