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Are All One Color-Ethnic Church, That Focus On A Specific Race Or Ethnic Group, And Supports Their Own Color, Following God's Biblical Model In Jesus Christ?




In some places, all one color Christians-ethnic Church is to be expected. Some countries and communities are all of the same color-ethnic, and a Church in that country or community will reflect that homogeneous composition. We can’t really expect a Church in all nations of people-ethnic culture to be multi-ethnic unless they somehow import people from other cultures into their country or community ( I have met a few here in Texas that have done that very thing ). For the purpose of this article, we will look at All skin color-ethnic Christians within the context of a broader, more diverse culture.


People naturally tend to seek out the company of people they consider similar to themselves,( True here in the Churches in America ) and this is true on Sunday mornings as well as the rest of the week. In America, Christians from many different races and ethnic groups congregate for worship; some will attend a multi-ethnic Church, while others will seek out all one color-ethnic Church, that is, one that specifically ministers to people of their ethnicity and background. Biblically speaking, the existence of ethnic-specific Churches must be viewed as sin and wickedness in all areas of Christian faith, and we should not be willing to accept such Churches as a loving manifestation of the biblical Church to the degree that God in and by Jesus Christ created all people, humans in His very own image and in heaven all Nations will be there, not only one color of people.


In other parts of the world, it is not unusual to find an all one color of people Church such as Mexico, Africa, Brits, and Australians. Sometimes there are Churches for each of these groups if there is a large population in that country. In some countries, it is actually illegal for foreigners to meet with the local population for worship services, necessitating a different Church for English-speaking Christians, But here in America No way, No how. Jesus said Father make them one just as We are!!!


All one-ethnic Churches in the United States are sinful, racist, wicked a place for one color of Christians to be divided and keep up walls, Of course, and all Christians no matter what race or color in any ministry who are doing this is sinful and wrong and they need and must stop this sin, if not, they don't need to be supported, Churches following the biblical model should be open to all believers, regardless of race or ethnic background. But the language barrier is just that, a barrier. There is nothing wrong with a group of Filipino Christians, for example, gathering to worship the Lord in Tagalog, for Chinese Christians to worship in Mandarin, for Korean Christians to worship in Korean, or for Hispanic Christians to worship in Spanish.


Christians in America, God's sons, and His daughters-ethnic Churches are actively reaching all minority populations in which individuals may be in the country temporarily as students, visiting scholars, or short-term workers. Giving visitors a place where they can feel comfortable among those who share the same faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and language can open doors for sharing the true biblical gospel. In this bible context, the All one race or color-ethnic Church provides an evil, wicked “wall” from one culture to another, and those who receive the gospel and are separated can carry the hateful news back to their home countries.


Many multi-ethnic Churches and Social Media Ministries, such as Radio, Television engage in racism ministry or ministries; that is, they worship together on Sunday, but they also sponsor poor people of color ministries that target specific ethnic groups in their community. Such a Church might have a Chinese-language Bible study on Sunday afternoon, a Hispanic outreach on Tuesday evening, or a fellowship with local Samoans on Thursday. Such ministries are wicked and evil ways to “go into all the world,” or at least let the world coming to us find a place to hear and see and know the love of God in Christ of every nation of people.


The more the individuals within a congregation show the true real love of God in Jesus Christ into the culture at large, the less need there is for an all one race or color-ethnic Churches, and the more likely the Church will take steps to become multi-ethnic. This assimilation has happened in the past: in this-century America, one could find Church services exclusive to Poles, Germans, Swedes, and Netherlanders, among others. Today, one can find Churches with people of Polish, German, Swedish, and Dutch ancestry sitting in the same congregation, Why not have all Christian believers in leadership, not just to worship, serve, but to be equal in every area of ministry and Church?.


It must be said that it is not right for a Church to limit its ministry exclusively to one race or cultural background. Division within the body of Christ simply for the sake of segregation or to maintain Racial “purity” is not good. Having cultural groups is fine, but to intentionally maintain those distinctive to the exclusion of sharing Christ with other cultures is a contradiction of biblical principles. If a Church is being intentionally exclusionary and limiting admittance to only those of the targeted population, then they are opposing Christ’s work of reconciling all peoples to God and to each other ( Read Ephesians 2:11–22 ).


Multi-ethnic, heterogeneous Churches glorify the Lord in showing the broad reach of the gospel and the unity of Christ. Mono-ethnic, homogeneous churches glorify sin and weakness in targeting specific needs within certain communities and building up walls to unreached groups. Whether a Church is multi-ethnic or mono-ethnic, the congregation should remember that “there is no difference between Jew and Gentile, the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on Him” (Romans 10:12). Amen God's sons and, daughters. Amen.


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