Elder James R, Winfree, Sr, God's Voice And, Churches & Global Believing Nations Biblical Transformational Apostle:

God's sons and His daughters, do not despair; the enemy has done his utmost to bring discouragement in Christ Churches of Believers. But, I tell you the truth that this is momentary. This storm will pass, and victory shall come. Only believe. Trust that the Lord God is bringing you in His way that you have never been before. Stay true to your new covenant with Jesus. Refuse to compromise with weak, lukewarm and fleshly Christians and people. Go forth in the assurance of Christ's victory over everything that opposes you in your kingdom's purpose my brothers and sisters in the faith. Be strong. Stand! Our heavenly Father God has to bring you this way and by this path to prepare you for His destiny in you in Christ Jesus.

If you could see the final outcome you would rejoice in these trials of our day. He's purifying His very own in Jesus Christ. He wants each of His sons and daughters to have the same zeal, consecration, and dedication as you would if you were His principal agent in the work of His Church Body. Only He knows the end from the beginning, and our DAD does indeed work all things for good to those who love Him and have answered His call to serve His sons and His daughters first and then all others.
Our Lord God has called you to be His leaders so that you would make other leaders, says the Holy Spirit of Truth.

That is to be disciplined in obedience to follow Jesus Christ's direction and leading. He has called you to make His priorities your priorities and to establish the Kingdom in your place on the earth, not in religious man's built buildings, If they were God's houses and your Churches homes, I guess you have left God in the buildings. Imitate Jesus Christ, and do as He does and did. Stay focused, and refuse to be derailed by the many things that demand your time and attention such as self-called, self-centered, self-interest today's religious leadership. This is a time when you must set a watch and deliberately keep Yeshua Jesus as the apple of your eye

Respond to His wooing, for certain, His Holy Spirit is wooing His Beloved Churches, says the Holy Spirit of Truth, Be alert for revelations that will resolve complicated issues. Things are not what they have appeared to be. Problems that you have faced are not as difficult to solve as you thought. All you need to do is ask for wisdom, step back and gain a new spiritual biblical perspective. The enemy has released an attack that was designed to overwhelm you and get you off balance, but greater is Jesus in you than he that is in the world.

You can and will overcome and step into new light and Freedom, says the Holy Ghost of Truth. Now is a time when you will have opportunities to confront the consequences of past thoughts, behaviors, and actions. You can take this chance to clear the air and deal squarely with the issues. Procrastination will only lead to further complications and confusion. Fix whatever you have the control to fix, and trust Christ for the rest says the Spirit of Grace.

Do not be afraid to step beyond the status quo and the boundaries that you have established in the past. It is time to grow and expand in many and varied ways, so refuse to allow fear to keep you from pressing beyond religious people and preacher's limitations. As you proceed in faith, your steps will be ordered and established by divine wisdom. However, you must not step out in presumption or act without the Holy Spirit's direction and guidance.

Refuse to give in to a spirit of fear, which will cause you to dread dealing with these issues, and will even open the door to a spirit of infirmity, which will try to convince you that you are absolutely helpless and hopeless. Rise up in hope for a fresh start.
Come and sit quietly before the Lord.

Let Him bring healing and stability to your inner being. Allow Jesus to re-establish spiritual equilibrium and cause you to stand upright again, for the enemy of your soul has targeted you for destruction, and even though he was not able to annihilate you, he was able to cause some damage. You are in need of restoration from all of the Church's rapes. Come and soak in Christ our Lord God Holy presence. Let Him cleanse you of all defilement of soul and spirit. Indeed, times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord.

Exercise the power of God's Holy Word by speaking it and declaring truth over your lives and circumstances. Do not underestimate the power of the words you speak. Your proclamations will either bring forth life or death, blessing or cursing. But, today is the day to begin to speak life and peace to yourself and others. Walk out of the religious buildings as their slaves and celebrate the light. Refuse to allow negativity to keep you in bondage, says the Lord, now that you are now out of them.

God our Father has opened His door before you through which you can enter in and behold His glory. He calls you forth out of the places of man built religious buildings into the glory and light of His Freedom in Christ. Come through that door into glorious liberty where you fill find rest and peace for your soul, deliverance and healing, joy and strength. Do not delay. Rise up in the Spirit and enjoy His real true presence, says the Holy Ghost Fire of Freedom.

Who The Son, Sets And, Makes Free, Is Free Indeed!!!

Proverbs 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Written And Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr.

( " AWE " )