Is Heaven In your Fellowship's?

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In Love


To you, His chosen people, because even as The Spirit of Truth has spoken through His Apostles and Prophets and through His anointed Elect Ladies that the church is now transforming into His heavenly Kingdom on earth, as His Bride, if you will go to the book of Acts two and four, this war has to do with physical Church that Christ Himself birth and built, but the Church is fighting this war spiritually in this day to Not to become FOUR WALLS, but I say to you, if you have read your very own Bibles, Christ has brought forth His Victory! Every enemy shall be defeated.


 Do not allow fear to come into your lives; do not allow fear to permeate you because do God Himself not from the fire of heaven come down upon the earth to destroy that army on the hills and on the evil godless nations? , And, it shall be so in the church Jesus birth and built-in All His born-again Believers, but you must fight against these false Religions and its leaders, because they will do their best to come, and the spirits of invasion will come upon you who will not follow and obey Christ Jesus. Do not be slack, and do not give in to weakness. Do not give in to the number of troops against you, for you shall indeed be Victorious, and you shall Conquer, for you are God's Beloved sons and daughters, and the war belongs to God, says the Word of the Lord, and He will preserve you and keep you on every avenue, in every direction that you go. And, the ways that you come in and the ways that you go out the devil must flee also. Even as Christ Jesus has given you all His apostolic Church and Nations media ministry online mornings, noon and nights as Christ brought forth His faithful servants from seven directions, and the devil indeed had to flee in seven directions, for where His Holy Spirit comes in, the enemy must go out.


 They cannot exist together, for light and darkness cannot coexist, says our Holy God. Jesus Christ is the Light of the World, and He is the Master of All His chosen children Understand today that everything is under apostolic and prophetic influence now, and grace turning up the speed of the hour hands upon the clock for the final generation, and even so, it will go to the end of time. That end is not far away, so you must be prepared, for our Savior and God is coming quickly, and He's coming to His very own Church without spot or wrinkle. So, I would say unto you today, wash yourselves and walk in the newness of the grace, mercy, and love that the Holy Ghost has given you. Look up, for your Redemption draws nigh, for Jesus is the Lord of Glory and the Lord of Redemption. Has Christ not saved you and forgiven you? Jesus will bring you through, for all purposes are in His Brand New Covenant...Amen In Jesus Christ.


Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,


The Lord Jesus Church must look just like Heaven, God's very own Kingdom.