Our Heavenly Father's Perfect Will For His Sons And His Daughters :


in Jesus Christ He Wants Us, Not To Be Sown Together, But To Be Knitted Together In One:


Elder James R, Winfree, Sr, God's Our Spirit Heavenly Father, Messenger, And Christ Our Blessed Savior Global Nations Churches Transformational Biblical Truth Apostle:



Maketh increase of the body - The body grows in this manner.


Unto the edifying of Jesus Christ Churches Body - To building itself up that is, it grows up to a complete stature in the fullness of Christ our Lord.


In God's love, In mutual harmony in Jesus Christ Spirit. This refers to the "Body." The meaning is that it seems to be made on the principle of "love." There is no jar, no collision, no disturbance of one part with another. A great number of parts, composed of different substances, and with different functions, bones, and nerves, and muscles, and blood-vessels - are united in one, and live together without collision; and so it should be in the Church. Learn, hence: We as chosen, anointed, appointed, sent by God in Christ Jesus, is for the serving, building up, supporting and ministering to and for God's sons and His daughters in Jesus Christ, We are not as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers to serve and support the world first.


That no member of the Church family needs to be useless, any more than a minute nerve or blood vessel in the body need to be useless. No matter how obscure the individual may be, he may contribute to the harmony and vigor of the whole,


Every member of the Church Body should contribute something to the prosperity of the whole. He or She should no more be idle and unemployed than a nerve or a blood-vessel should be in the human system. What would be the effect if the minutest nerves and arteries of the body should refuse to perform their office?. Languor, disease, and death. So it is in the church. The obscurest member may do "something" to destroy the healthful action of the Church, and to make its piety languish and die. We are one body, Church, one bride, one family under and in Jesus Christ, and we all have one loving Spirit heavenly Father God, so stop all of your mess and sinning, and start loving all of your spiritual Kingdom family, Blacks, Whites, Reds, Yellows, Browns, Mixed Colors in all and every place and nations.


there should be one union in the Church of Christ Jesus. It is made up of materials that differ much from each other, as the body is made up of bones, and nerves, and muscles. Yet, in the body these are united; and so it should be in the church. There need be no more jarring in the church than in the body, and a jar in the church produces the same effect as would be produced in the body if the nerves and muscles should resist the action of each other, or as if one should be out of its place, and impede the healthful functions of the other.


every member of the Church should keep their place, just as every bone, and nerve, and muscle in the human frame should. Every member of the body should be in its right position; the heart, the lungs, the eye, the tongue, should occupy their right place; and every nerve in the system should be laid down just where it is designed to be. If so, all is well If not so, all is a deformity or disorder; just as it, is often in the Church. We are not all called and chosen to be Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Bishops, Founders nor do we have all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. But we are many members knitted and united into one body, and we must not only shop love, respect, and give support to just your pastor or spiritual leader, But give the same to your spiritual family. Amen.


We are Serving, Building Up, Supporting and Ministering To God's Sons And, His Daughters, To Become Spiritual Biblical Leaders In God's Kingdom Churches-In Jesus Christ, As We Follow Only One. ( JESUS ).


Written And, Shared By, Apostle James R, Winfree, Sr,


apostlejrwinfree@gmail.com/ J.B.W. Ministries.


( " AWE " )