SO, Why are we Not Being supported and taken care of? 


Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Unraveling The True Mystery Of God's Holy Word:


Our Heavenly Father Lives In Us In The Person of The Lord Jesus Christ, He wants His Church Body to be taken care of in love and all of her needs met with-out Lack. God longing to know your love that overflows towards Him. He longing to speak to you. His Holy Spirit longing to walk in fellowship with you and in you. Christ our Savior longing to reveal the mysteries of His kingdom to you. Yes, He has already set you FREE. His anointing longing to bring you to higher places. to give you victory over the enemy But, you would not come forth in the realm of faith and the realm of expectation my spiritual family in Christ?. You continue to walk through the valley of the shadow of death.


 There is no Salvation except in Jesus Christ and He alone, and if you do not accept Him in this life, how shall Jesus come forth, and how shall He lead you out? By what path shall He bring you? By the path of self-pity? I say NO, but by the path of faith and grace alone. That is the only path that works in this kingdom of His. He has already spoken to you that He desires to give you the gifts of the kingdom with every earthly and heavenly blessing. They are His to give, and He desires to give those gifts, But your Leaders, Preachers, Ministers and well-off Members will Not give My wealth, blessings and gifts to those who are in need in My Church Family..... or those who will not walk in faith or those who will not persevere or those who will not press toward the mark of the high calling in our Lord or those who will not leave the past behind.


 I say unto you as His anointed and chosen Church and Nations Apostle, you will continue in your defeat and you will not find victory in your places of worship with your greedy Pastors and Leaders, for there is nothing but death in your past. Life is before you, for His hand is leading you and guiding you into all of the law of life and liberty, and He has said that He would never leave you nor forsake you, but you must stand up and follow. That is why sent My Apostle James Winfree to make My Truth Known too you.... He has shared with all those who would listen and obey nothing But My written Holy Word to lift up the hands that hang down and strengthen the knees that are weak. My faithful Kingdom Church Servant wants you all to stand before your Lord and Savior and walk with Him in Biblical FREEDOM, for indeed these are the days of all things coming to the place of restoration in His Kingdom. When we stand in that final Day, you will realize how many things you missed because you would not--you would not come in faith; you allowed the spirit of fake, false and lying leadership to hold you and take from you. You will say to Me then, "But, Lord, Lord, if you had intervened.


" But, I say unto you, haven't I given you the authority? Haven't I given you power? Haven't I gave you the very Best... Haven't I given you the sword of the Spirit which is My Holy Word? But, will you use it? I say NO. But, why? I have revealed Myself to you; I have nurtured you; I have put My words into you; I have carried you even in your weakness. Now when I say it is time to walk by faith, you complain and you murmur. You complain of the hardships, and you harden your hearts, and you say, it's too hard, Lord, it's too hard. How will you then run with the horsemen if these foot soldiers that Satan has sent against you have wearied you? How then will you run with the horsemen? There is only One Way, and that is yet by faith and by faith alone. 


I have obtained the victory, and it is yours, but victory comes to those who are strong of faith and strong of heart. Defeat comes to the weak and to those that would not because they became weary along the way. I say, come up! I say, come up! I say, get up. I say, follow the examples that the Apostles and brother Paul gave you, for when he was stoned and knocked down, did he stay down? When he was whipped, did he give in? When he was shipwrecked, did he give up and drown in the sea? I say he did not! I say,  I am calling you to be My Building and My Temple to go forth and to give the review to the world of the glory that rests upon My kingdom and the mantle of authority and the anointing that I desire to pour out upon you.


 Would you not stand up? I say, would you not stand up and receive the anointing and receive the precious ointment of old that runs from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. Will you not bring forth the words of victory from your very own mouth? Will you not use The Blessed, Holy Name of Jesus, for I have given it to you to use liberally? The blood of the Lamb of God has obtained the victory for you. Will you not assault the enemy of your soul and declare that he is a defeated foe? He is defeated because I have defeated him, and I have also given you the voice of victory and the voice of life. I give you strength now. Will you not declare the victory? If you do not declare the victory, how will you obtain the victory? If victory is not within you, how can it come forth? If you do not believe the victory will manifest itself, how shall I be able to bring it forth in your lives My chosen ones? Amen.


We Are Leading All Believers And Souls To Jesus Christ Our LORD GOD.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Nations Media Church Ministries.



It Is Long Over Due To Support His Truth


2 Corinthians 9:7