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To those who are reluctant to move ahead because of who you might leave behind, but you will be a greater witness, and the gap will actually be closed rather than widened because of your moving ahead rather than staying where you are. Do not drag your feet on this progression. When you moved into your Kingdom season, it will feel like going from the old religious ways of doing ministry and things to doing ministry Yeshua Jesus way in His New Testament and the anointing of the Holy Spirit, but this time it will be like going from that religion to a loving relationship with God our loving heavenly Father.

Decisions that you make now will change the course of your life and be lasting, but you must not be afraid of radical changes. You are moving up! Old ceilings will indeed become new floors.

1 Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, thought as a

child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. You have long since moved to a place of maturity and taken your position in the Lord's Kingdom. You have raised a standard and proclaimed Christ purposes, but now you will step into a level of authority that will bring a level of effectiveness that will surprise you and delight those around you.

God has called you to understand and exercise His authority and to depend upon His leading. And, you have done well. But, that place of authority that has been a platform that you step onto will now become an indwelling and permanent state of being. You will find this position to be far more powerful and effective in carrying out the work of ministry.

The authority that you wield carries much responsibility, and much wisdom is required for the decisions that you must make. But, rest assured that Yeshua Christ is with you every step of the way, and His wisdom is only a prayer away. Ask, and He will give an abundant flow that will carry you to new heights in the Holy Ghost.


There are many demands on your time, but instead of being burdened by the multiple things that rob

on your anointing, you will be strengthened by them and find great joy in what the Lord has given you to do. You will gain great satisfaction in accomplishing with diligence what I have set before you.

You can expect a season of greater spiritual growth and maturity in which your discernment will become more acute and your understanding more clear. Take full advantage of every opportunity to gain wisdom and knowledge.

The revelation that you have enjoyed will seem like child’s play compared to the level of illumination that is about to become available to you. This is not something you will have to earn or work for to achieve. It is available as you yield to the flow of Yeshua Spirit.


You have experienced extraordinary rejection, the pain of accusation, and the agony of defeat that has plunged you into many dark days in the past years. And, it seems as though things have gone from bad to worse at times. But, you have not turned back from following Yeshua Christ, says the Lord. You have continued to seek to know Him. Now, He will tear down and destroy every conspiracy, and He will vindicate you my spiritual family, God's sons, and daughters. This is a new season of hope and promise for you. Rise up in new confidence, for the Holy Ghost is with you to make you strong again.

He has given you wings to mount up and rise above the storms. The attacks will no longer have the punch they once did, and you will find the strength and assurance necessary to overcome the fear of man, which is a snare to your souls. Take wing and soar, God's children!


You have had several prime opportunities to be devastated beyond repair, but you chose to rise above rejection and self-pity and allow correction to be constructive rather than destructive. Well done! The seeds of your faithfulness will bear fruit in the coming season.

You are coming to a point of fresh hope that is accompanied by a sense of being valued again. Don’t let it slip away, but know that you are indeed valuable to our loving Father God, and always have been. Be strong in the power of His might.

This is a significant season in which destiny awaits you. You often have difficulty in deciding a course of action, and taking a step into dark uncertainty can be very frightening, but if you will trust Me, says the Lord, He will lead you by the hand and make your darkness like the noonday.


You will experience greater stability on every level, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Old insecurities will become dim memories that will no longer take control of your life. Rejoice in this new freedom.

God has torn but He will heal. God has stricken, but He will bind you up. You will rise up and revive, and your latter years will be greater than the former years, for you shall be established and stand firm in His Kingdom of doers and believers of actions, says the Lord.

Your dedication and persistence in the face of incredible odds against you will now begin to pay off. You can expect a breakthrough in several areas of life, which produce unparalleled liberty.

Your faith will once again become childlike as you revisit your spiritual roots and re-establish your spiritual foundation. This will also be an enticement and a great benefit to those in your sphere of influence.


Let nothing deter you from being a free spirit as you find joy in simple pleasures. Enjoy this season of simplicity as you behold Yeshua Jesus face in every facet of life. You have truly maintained a pure faith, which is a prerequisite to a relationship with Him.

He has called you to set up a standard and now Jesus will make you God's sons and daughters in heaven. You will prepare for war and declare both the work of the enemy and proclaim the victory. Do not underestimate the power of your proclamations, says the Lord.

Your love for God's people is strong and He will reward your generous heart in ways you would never conceive of. The heart of the Father is the power of your love, and your motivation is Divine.

Yeshua Jesus has made you a strong and supportive hub in the circle of people He had given to you to minister to. What you do and say will have profound and eternal consequences that will yield a great harvest and reward. Do not grow weary in your well-doing my brothers and sisters in the faith!


You are entering a season of greater security and stability than you have ever known. But, the enemy will do his best to overwhelm you with the responsibilities you have taken on and will entice you to run away. But, I say, stand fast. God is with you to bring you through to victory. Trust Him!

Make your choices and be firm. Remember … a double-minded man gets nothing and is unstable in all his ways.

Your loyalty is beyond reproach and He will use that platform of faithfulness as an example of kingdom integrity, a foundation of strength where many will find solace and hope.

You have trod the mountain tops and skirted the valleys and have proclaimed the glory of the Lord. And, your work in the valley will reveal Christ glory in unusual but definitive ways. Get ready to stretch, for the days ahead will require more than you thought possible. Yet, nothing is impossible with God, says the Lord, and He is with you!


Jesus has used you and will use you again to present opportunities to others to step into kingdom destiny. Those moments belong to them to decide. Do not become disheartened when they refuse the narrow path. The failure is not yours. You are His instruments of faithfulness, His vessels of honor.

You are His forerunners, and as you forge ahead and prepare the way, you call back to those who lag behind. Your persistence and zeal are a compelling force that invites even the most resistant. Refuse to allow their reticence to dowse your Holy Ghost fire.

Now you can break through and overcome many obstacles that have hindered you for as long as you can remember. Simply yield to His Holy Spirit leading as He takes you to step by step into new joy and freedom. Amen.


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