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Jesus Christ did say this, that the ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’ ( Luke 17:21,)


In Luke 17:20–21, Jesus says, “The Kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the Kingdom of God is within you”. The context of Jesus’ statement is a question put to Him by His Pharisee detractors who had asked when the Kingdom of God would come (verse 20).


Jesus’ Our Blessed Savior answer was that the Kingdom of God was not coming in the manner the Pharisees were expecting. The Kingdom would not be inaugurated with spectacle or splendor; there would be no great and magnificent leader who staked out a geographical claim and routed the Romans; rather, the Kingdom would come silently and unseen, much as leaven works in a batch of dough ( Read Matthew 13:33). In fact, Jesus says, the Kingdom had already begun, right under the Pharisees’ noses. God was ruling in the hearts of His Believers and followers, and the King Himself was standing among them, although the Pharisees were oblivious to that fact. Our heavenly Father gave the World Jesus, and Jesus gave His Life John 3:17-17, We must be like Him, Become givers, helpers, supporters to Kingdom Brothers and Sisters, First, before we serve the ungodly or sinners.


“Within you” comes off as an unfavorable translation, seeing that Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees at the time. Jesus was surely not saying that the Kingdom of God resided within the Pharisees’ hearts. The Pharisees opposed Jesus and had no relationship with God. Jesus in other places denounced them as “whitewashed tombs” and “hypocrites like so many of today's cold dead religious worship services” ( Matthew 23:27 ).


The better translation would be “in your midst” or “among you.” Jesus was telling the Pharisees that He brought the Kingdom of God to earth. Jesus’ presence in their midst gave them a taste of the Kingdom life, as attested by the miracles that Jesus performed. Elsewhere, Jesus mentions His miracles as definitive proof of the Kingdom: “If I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the Kingdom of God has come upon you” ( Luke 11:20 ). In Acts Chapters 2& 4 it is No Need or Lack in God's Kingdom, But in so many of today's Churches, you have so many needs and lack. Something Is Just Not Right!!!.


There are three popular interpretations of Jesus’ words in Luke 17:21 that the Kingdom of God is within you or among you: 1) the Kingdom of God is essentially inward, within man’s heart; 2 the Kingdom is within your reach if you make the right choices, and 3 the Kingdom of God is in your midst in the person and presence of Jesus. The best of these interpretations, it seems, is the third: Jesus was inaugurating the Kingdom as He changed the hearts of men, one at a time. The Churches that Jesus Christ Himself should and must look Just Like Heaven its self, Period, Heaven is Not for the Ungodly or Sinners, But for the Saints,


For the time being, Christ’s Kingdom is not of this world ( John 18:36 ). One day, however, the Kingdom of God will be manifest on the earth ( Isaiah 35:1 ), and Jesus Christ will rule a physical kingdom from David’s throne ( Isaiah 9:7 ) with Jerusalem as His capital ( Zechariah 8:3 ). So why are your Churches and spiritual leaders serving the World and sinners first and building up their kingdoms, The Children of God, the bread and blessing is theirs, Not the unsaved or ungodly? Period. Will All Of your preaching, praying, teaching giving, sharing, witnessings will be in Vain and Useless to God? Church membership will and cannot save you, Only Jesus Christ and doing God's Kingdom Will.


We Are Leading One And All To The, One Lord God Jesus Christ.


God Loves Cheerful Givers, Be One!!!