We Are In Prayer For Your Emotional Healing And Strength!

LORD GOD, You Knows All and everything,

Will you please pray with me as I pray for all those who need this prayer?

Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Your Servant.

Oh LORD GOD, So many are feeling that both their hearts and their lives have been shattered into a thousand pieces and they don’t know what to do or which way to turn. They feel that they have no strength left and that everything in their lives has become an utter failure. Have mercy on them I pray according to Your great goodness and abundant grace Jesus.

LORD, I know that Your word says that You will give strength to the weary and hope to the distressed.. and so many of my spiritual family feel both weak and in distress , and ask for Your help and strength for them.

Help my brothers and sisters to wait on You and abide in You and to rest in Your love because I know that You have promised that those that wait on You Lord will renew their strength and rise up with the wings as eagles.
Thank You also that You have promised to heal the broken-hearted and restore those that are hurting. Heal their shattered hearts I pray in love and faith that You LORD JESUS will restore to them the joy of Your Salvation , this I ask in Jesus Blessed Name,


We Are Leading All Souls To Our Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ.


Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Church Media Ministries!

Our Heavenly Father Loves His Joyful Givers.