Brothers Have Other Brothers Wives, And Sisters Have Other Sisters Husbands.

Jesus Said, Moses, gave you the okay to Divorce because of your Hard Hearts, The reasons why GOD our heavenly Father says it Wrong and its Sin, Jesus said her past relationships were Sinful because she in the past had five husbands and the one at home in her bed was another woman's husband:


Read in In verse 18, her past adulterous affairs (husbands) are conjoined with her present affair (husband) by the word “and.” This infers through linkage that all her relationships, past and present, are of the same caliber.


Yes, In verse 29 she says to the men of the city, “Come see a man that told me everything that I have done,” and not “everything that has befallen me.” It is a statement of past deeds revealed and not unfortunate circumstances, where having more than one husband portends adulterous fornicated relationships and not tragic deaths.


Did you notice, I used the word “husband” when referring to her present affair in my first reason? Is that not contrary to what her statement declares? Allow the Holy Spirit of Truth to give you His facts of verse 18 and then I will explain more of why I said “husband:”


“For you had five husbands, and the husband whom you now has is Not your husband: in that, you have spoken the truth. the woman at the well”


The problem with the many of today's ministers and its many religions is that they view sexual intimacy like the secular world, where it is just a physical encounter, without it being a permanent marital consequence. In doing so, they define the word ‘he,” describing the man she now “has,” to mean, she is living with and being sexually intimate with just a male, yet not married to him. This false unbiblical conception of sexual intimacy blinds them from the truth of marriage by GOD.


However, in verse 18, we know that Jesus is referring to this man as being her husband by saying “he whom you now ‘have.’” This word “has” (have) infers possession like the words “hast had” when He referred to her past husbands. She had five in the past and she has one now. Not only that, we have that word “and.” This carries on the same subject of the topic, “(another) husband,” which she possesses. She has had five husbands through sexual intimacy and the man she is now being sexually intimate with is her sixth husband.


Let me show you another Scripture where the word “has” (have) illustrates possession in marriage. Mark 6:17&18 says “For Herod himself had sent forth and laid hold upon John, and bound him in prison for Herodias’ sake, his brother Phillips wife; for he had married her. For John had said unto Herod, It is not lawful for you to have your Brother's wife. Lawful meaning here Sinful”


The law John referred to for marriage was not civil or religious, but the law of GOD our Creator in the sexual intimacy of a male and female. For Herod was the civil law. So, in parallel with the woman at the well, it can be said to Herod, “she whom you now ‘have’ (your present wife you are married to) is not your wife just as so many in today's ministry they had there brothers wives and sisters have their sisters husbands.” Herodias was Phillips wife. He and Herodias were living in a fornicated marriage, as GOD Holy Word Teaches.


In other words, based on my many reading and studying on Biblical marriage, Jesus said to the woman at the well that the man she was now sexually intimate with (married to as her husband), as she was with the last five, is not your husband, because he is another woman’s husband. She was in an adulterous affair with a legitimately married man making him her husband. Do you see why I said Jesus Truth “provides information within it, which CANNOT ever be discerned by the other?


Let’s simplify our topical text by exchanging the word husband with the word king David, making it more revealing: “For you have had another man's wife and that which you now have is not your David.” So, you cannot build for Me a house alone with all that blood on your hands....Many of today's so-called spiritual leaders and its members have many mates and still trying to lead GOD'S Holy Chosen People, Sin is in the house!


According to true Biblical marriage, the man was, before this adulterous affair, a legitimately married man. Her affair was defiling another woman’s legitimate husband. What would you ladies call her today: “A home wrecker?” Jesus knows every sexually intimate connection (marriage) made, whether right or wrong. And there is a consequence.


What makes this disclosure by Christ even more profound and exacting to the woman and us also is that Jesus not only revealed the secrets of her life, but also the life of the man she was presently giving herself to sexually (marrying).


GOD's Blessed and Loving People, Please, please, please study this for yourselves, because of the length of the message. However, are you able to see how Scripture is able to speak for itself when the Holy Ghost is accurate in His Teaching.


We Are Leading All Souls To THE LORD GOD And Our Savior JESUS CHRIST.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Church Ministries.


GOD The Giver Lives In You!