Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of GOD'S Holy Word In His Love:



 The Lord Holy Spirit of Truth is saying that this is an issue of trust. If you trust in Christ with all of your heart, if you’ll walk with Him from this time forward He will bring you into His glorious purpose of the day that you live in. And, Jesus will reveal the essence of the times and seasons that you dwell in my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Will His Holy Ghost not lead you on the Way of righteousness, the Way of safety, the Way that takes you higher than ever you have been before His chosen Ones Will our loving heavenly Father not be with you in these last days, says the GOD? Not only will He be with you, but He has chosen you to live your life in these times because the glory of Jesus ChurchFamily will shine ever brighter, and you will be a part of Him and love All people, Not just this ones you approve of. 


Our Holy God has chosen you because you have determination. You’ve been through some things and you have not given up. You’ve walked with Jesus in times that were troubling. You had to walk away from many family members, dear friends and even religious church people who did not think like you did or believe like you did, and you made your choices for Christ over and over again. Jesus will honor those choices and bring you into the glory of His real true anointing, says the Lord God.


It's 2:20 am on Sunday Morning here at Motel 6 in Katy Texas and the Lord Spirit woke me us and got me out of bed to share His words with His Beloved people,  I hear the Lord speaking, and He says, He sees you, He hears you and He knows you. God knows your motives, actions, and your activities. He knows when you have the Real Holy Spirit of wisdom working on your behalf so that you can rise up into a position of victory in your lives. Don't forget that He sees you where you are. He knows you and the attitudes that you have in those moments.


 Christ knows your manner of warfare or the lack thereof. He knows you from the rising of the sun to the setting of it, and Jesus knows you in the night seasons. He has heard you. Please understand that when you believe all that is in God's Holy Word, as brought to you by The Real Spirit of God in Christ Jesus, you have been equipped to be an overcomer. You are equipped so that you may fight the good fight of faith and win. So what’s left to do my spiritual family you ask? Win! Win the battle! Run the race! Do not give up! Do not sit down! Do not lay down! But, stand up, go forward, and Jesus Christ will go with you and He will be in you always and forever. Amen.


The Lord Jesus Christ living Church,  If you can submit yourself to Him in all things,  He will be with you in your endeavors.  He will go with you until All things are worked out for your good.  He will be one with you and cause those things that you cannot change to come under His Biblical order and control so that the outcome will be a benefit to you and not a detriment.  Simply believe in that which His Holy Spirit of Truth is speaking to you.  Come into Christ Divine Order and establish the way of stability by your faith.  Watch and be surprised at the outcome of those things that affect you.  God will cause them to work for you, says the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Christ followers, have you seen that Jesus desire that you receive the True Anointing that only He can provide you? Have you reached out by faith to receive that which He had done? Yes, right Now, He gives you His fresh oil of real change. Fresh oil because the old oil has become stagnant the old oil is not found in the strength that it once was because of all your old and religious ways. So, Right Now His Real anointing and Power come to pour out upon you the fresh oil of His Holy Spirit so that you can be made ready for heaven and the work He appointed you to do.... that you live in and become one of those that H calls His very own according to His purposes. You can be instantly positioned to be used at any given time to know Christ way and to walk in His Truth. Hear His Apostle voice and become one with Christ and with all your brothers and sisters in the body of Christ, says the Lord Jesus Christ Holy Spirit of Truth. Amen.


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