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God gave it to you in order that you would bless His children who are in need and have a lack in their lives and for building up His Kingdom.


One of the difficult balances in life is dealing with blessings and wealth. We read about people in the scriptures who were wealthy, like Job and Joseph of Arimathea. But we are also aware of scriptures commands warning us against riches. Jesus said, "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God."  Matthew 19:24  Those who are blessed with more than Enough should share with those who are lacking and are in need.

In James 5:1-6 we will read about the problem of riches and wealth. When is wealth sin? When are we misusing our wealth and endangering our souls? Let’s examine what James has to say in your very own Bible.

Hoarding It Up In Your Banks, This First Is For Pastors And Spiritual Leaders!


The first problem that Apostle James identifies can be summarized as the hoarding of wealth. Their riches have rotted and their garments are moth-eaten. Rotted riches and moth-eaten clothes pictures having so much wealth that these things are not used. They have so much wealth that their wealth rots and goes to waste. There is no doubt that we easily fall prey to the sin that Apostle James is identifying.Biblical Illustration: We just recently cleaned out the overflow and reorganized what we had. Do you know how many things you have that you did not know you have, but others in need have use of them? Are you just going to die and just leave God's blessing for greedy people to fight over and allow it to go to waste? Our . You just accumulate and accumulate to the point that you do not even know what we have anymore. We have so much money, wealth and stuff that we lose it. You have so many possessions that you forget we have them.

God has not given you these material blessings and wealth so that you would stuff our lives full of toys. God has not blessed you so that you buy bigger houses to hold it all. Is this not the condemnation that Jesus makes is His parable of the Rich fool in Luke 12? Remember what the rich fool said when he had such a mighty windfall of crops? And he said, ‘I will do this: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods.’ ( Luke 12:18 It is a sin and shame you living like kings and queens and your poor brothers and sisters living with just about nothing, Pastors and you Leaders) What did the rich fool do? He Hoarded his riches. He decides to build bigger barns because he had so much stuff. What are we hoarding up for? These things simply wear out, as James observes. None of these things last so why are we trying to accumulate so much of it?

God gives to you so that you will use His possessions and His wealth to further the kingdom of God. You should give your clothes to those who can use clothes. You should give His possessions and His wealth to help your fellow Christians in need. We are living in a difficult economic time in terms of work and jobs. You should be prepared to give the things that we do have to help each other out. "Here I have two of something, please take mine." Give what we have and stop collecting more and more possessions. We have people right now who is reading this that can use your financial assistance and blessings.

How about investing your money in efforts to reach the lost? Could there be a more valuable use of God’s blessings than to use your resources, possessions, and wealth to reach the lost? Give to your spiritual family right there in your neighbors. You have been blessed by God and He wants to write your name down in His Book of Life. And don’t give them the broken stuff that you don’t like. Use your money and resources to help your neighbors. Give them the things that they might need and give glory to God. In our lectureship, God gave you His Best when He sent Jesus into this World that was on its way to Hell, Now He wants you to give your best.

 It is a familiar reminder using the same words of Jesus. Your wealth has corroded and this is evidence against your useless hoarding of riches. The condemnation is your flesh eaten like fire. "You have laid up treasure in the last days." Your treasure is not in heaven. Your treasure is not of God. The things you have invested in are totally worthless when your flesh is eaten like fire. What good will these earthly treasures be when you are judged with eternal punishment? Your hoards of wealth testify against you. Why amass wealth when this world is perishing? How many time did I ask for your help, support just for my words to fall on death ears or a hard heart? Judgement Day is coming, believe this or not, you will have to give an answer for the life you lived here on earth and in this World. Just do the Jesus Christ thing and give, help and share what He did for you. Amen

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2 Corinthians 9:7