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With Out Controversy Jesus Christ The Living GOD! 


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Teaching the Word of God with simplicity and understanding is the passion and Vision of Apostle James Winfree Sr and the Ministry. We Believe the Bible is the written and inspired Word of God. Our Vision and Mission are to invoke Change in the lives of people here at home in America and to the Nations. Further, our heart and soul desire and vision are for all to hear The Living and Loving Word of God and gain the understanding of God's Love and promises in ONE and as ONE Kingdom Church Bride. With this Global vision and mandate, Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr, Ministries functions as the helm outreach for Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr, Ministries Worldwide. 


With our foundation rooted on and in the infallible love for The Word of God and Christ Kingdom Church Bride, the Nations Apostle to see changes in the lives of individual Believers, Our Spiritual families here at home in America and Worldwide, and ministries around the World daily in Jesus Christ awesome and amazing love, mercy, grace. Apostle James Winfree Sr, vision, and mission of spreading the Gospel are far-reaching. The dynamic and heart reaching our World with and in Jesus Christ reach many homes around the world, impacting the lives of many Nations. 


the Nation Apostle James & Betty R Winfree Sr, Global vision and mandate has translated our dreams in the ministry preaching, teaching and reaching you and the Nations with Christ Jesus love, unity, equality, and oneness, and we want to reach more of God people in this open door season, the Nations Apostle James Winfree Sr, will always continue to set the standard for excellence in ministry, and are truly making a mark in the lives of millions that cannot be erased in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and yes I do love you who is reading this right now and there is Nothing you can say or even do about me loving you in Christ! 


What We Believe It Must Be Written And Found In God's Word" 

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2 Corinthians 9:7


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