Church, We Don't Fight Alone!

Never Quit, Never Give Up And Never Give In To Them, We Are Not Fighting Alone

Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Making The Truth Of Jesus Christ Known:

 We do not struggle in our world alone. Jesus, our intercessor before God, allows us to claim His promises. God fights for those of us His chosen people who are His bride. We become His very own when we accept Jesus’s gift of salvation through His sacrifice on the cross.


 God our spiritual heavenly Father will fight for us. I know it clearly underscores the fact that we are in a battle. When we accept Jesus Christ and become saved by grace we immediately become engaged in a battle with evil and his servants.


It is a mistake to believe that everything that happens to us after we accept Jesus will be perfect. Christ Believers are at war. The final outcome is already decided. God will ultimately close out the battle at the end of the age with the Triumphant return of King Jesus and the new Heaven and Earth. Satan, the author of evil and temptation will finally be bound up and cast into the pit of Hell forever and there will be no more sin, or temptation, or evil left to try and destroy us.


Until that day we fight. We fight and wrestle against the powers of darkness. Evil crosses our path on a daily basis. We would die from fear if we could see the spiritual darkness that surrounds us. Satan desperately wants to stop us from accomplishing God’s plan for our lives. We become a threat to Satan when we are saved by God’s grace in Christ alone. As long as we are on a path to destruction and hell Satan is happy to leave us alone.


Without the light of salvation in Jesus Christ, we would all perish. We are powerless to stand against the lies and temptations of Satan on our own. The darkness in our heart agrees with the liar who is Satan. But as the Holy Word clearly states, the Lord will fight for us when we are redeemed by Him, we do not battle alone. We are equipped and dressed for battle by the Holy Spirit. He engages the enemy for us. Remember what the Word of God said, Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world.


Evil is the default condition of our fallen world, we as the redeemed are the exception and the light of Jesus in our lives points out the darkness around us. We must be empowered by the Holy Spirit and filled with the word of God to withstand the arrows of the enemy. We are clearly in Satan’s way and he would like to be rid of us. Again, remember Adam died with his wife, But The Lord Jesus Christ gave His life for His wife, the Church.


Yes, Evil exists that’s a fact. We live in an evil and fallen world, that’s a fact. We believe in The Risen Savior Jesus that’s a fact. Jesus has overcome Satan, the evil in the world and the evil that was in us by His blood and that’s a fact.


 Let us all who love the Lord Jesus Christ, keep our Trust in The One who has saved us. He has fought the battle and won. We will have trials and temptations that we will struggle with but we just need to call on Him and He will protect us in the heat of battle. What's His Name you ask? JESUS!!!!!!.


There is no promise that we will be protected from battle but a clear-cut promise that He will be fighting for us in any battle we find ourselves in. We are never alone when His Holy Spirit lives in us, He is our defender and our shield for battles within and without. We can live in peace in the midst of the fight knowing that nothing that comes against us is greater than the One we serve. There is No weapon formed against us that will ever prosper, and if you still trying to do evil against us, trust me it Not going to work. Amen Church.


We Are Leading All Believers And Souls To GOD Our Holy And Blessed Savior JESUS CHRIST.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Nations Media Ministries.


2 Corinthians 9:7