Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children: but In Isaac shall thy seed be called.


Neither, because they are the seed of Abraham, are they all children. In the preceding verse, the Apostle Paul had shown that there was a difference among Israelites; now he refers to a difference in the seed of Abraham. The error of the Jews was, that they thought they were the children of God by being the children of Abraham. But in this, as the Apostle Paul declares, they were in error. The promise to Abraham and his seed was not made to him and all his descendants in general, but to him and a particular seed. As the children of Abraham, they were all, indeed, in one sense the children of God. God says to Pharaoh with respect to them, ‘Let my son go.’ But the natural sonship was only a figure of the Spiritual sonship of all believers of every Nation. None but such are the Spiritual seed of Abraham, whether among Jews or Gentiles. But in Isaac shall Your seed be called. Reckoned, chosen, or called into existence, as it is said respecting the birth of Isaac in the fourth chapter, ‘God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.’ The Messiah, who was emphatically the seed of Abraham, says ‘The Lord has called Me from the womb, Isaiah 49:1.


He was called into existence in His human nature, and to His office of Mediator, in the line of Isaac. And Israel was called or chosen as God’s people, Isaiah 48:12. ‘Hearken unto Me, O Jacob, and Israel, My called.’ In this sense, the expression called is used at the end of the 11th verse. By thus appealing to the declaration of God to Abraham, that in Isaac his seed should be called , and reckoned more especially the seed of Abraham , the Apostle Paul showed that, notwithstanding the defection of the great body of the nation of Israel which he so much deplored, it was by no means the case that the word of God had taken none effect; for from the beginning a distinction had been made among the descendants of Abraham, indicating that they are not all Israel which are of Israel. Only a part of that nation, which he calls a remnant, verse 27, and afterward ‘a remnant according to the election of grace,’ Chapter. 11:5, was to participate in the Spiritual blessings to be conveyed by promise. ‘When,’ says The Word of God, ‘we see in the two first sons of the patriarch, the younger chosen by a recent promise ( Genesis 21:12;) ( Hebrews 11:18 ), while the older was yet living, how much more might this take place in a long line of descendants! This prediction is taken from Genesis 17:20, where the Lord answers Abraham, As for Ishmael, I have heard your prayers, But the blessing shall be granted to the son of Sarah and the covenant established with Isaac.


It hence follows as a consequence that certain individuals are, by a singular privilege, chosen from the elect people of the Jews, in whom the common adoption is ratified and rendered efficacious.’ It may be further remarked that when it is said, ‘In Isaac shall thy seed be called,’ it did not imply that all the descendants of Isaac were to be the spiritual seed of Abraham. Only such were to be so who belonged to that seed to which the word, being used in the singular, emphatically and exclusively applied, as the Apostle Paul declares, Galatians 3:16, ‘Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He said not, And to Seeds, as of many, But as of One, And to Your Seed, which is Christ.’ The meaning, then, of the declaration, ‘In Isaac shall Your Seed be called,’ is, that as all Abraham’s posterity was not to be the peculiar people whom God was national to adopt as His children, but only such as should descend from Isaac, so not all the Jews are the true sons of God, but only such as, like Isaac, are children of The Promise. Here it is evident, as also from Galatians 4:28, that Isaac the child of promise was typical of all Believers. So why are so many blind Preachers making the Wrong Seed rich, wealthy and blessed when they are the seed of the flesh and Not the Children by the Promised in Spirit and Truth? Preachers, Members, and the Churches, Please study and read Romans 8:1-18, Yes, I am speaking Biblical Truth To Freedom And Power as one of God's few anointed and chosen Messengers. Amen.


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