Elder James R, Winfree, Sr, God's Biblical Truth Messenger In Love, And, The Lord Jesus Christ Chosen, Anointed, Appointed Legendary Unceasing Recognize Global Transformational Apostle:

Jesus Christ said men ( people ) loved darkness rather than light ( John 3:19 ). This was especially true with regard to man’s ( people ) attitude toward Jesus Christ’s first coming ( John 1:12 ). The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers took counsel together against the Lord and His Anointed ( Psalm 2:2;) ( Acts 4:25-28 ). The self-righteousness and religious crowd were easily persuaded to actively seek Barabbas’ release and reject Jesus ( Mark 15:8,11 ). He was “despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from Him;( Yeshua Jesus ) He was despised, and we esteemed Him not” ( Isaiah 53:3 ). Sadly, to this day the vast majority still reject the Person of Jesus Christ whos Name is His Father's and His teaching ( Matt. 7:13 ). Today many say they love Him, But will not do everything in Him Blessed Name, Jesus said Himself, I came or come in My Father's Name, And, He also said, Father, I have manifested Your Name to all those You have given Me.

One of the most curious and troubling traits of people is that they always seem to want what they cannot or should not have or do what they should not do. Eve wanted a forbidden fruit. Cain wanted acceptance without obedience. David wanted someone else’s wife. Judas wanted easy money. The lure of taking what is forbidden is often exciting and tantalizing,( Preachers want the Lord Jesus Christ Church for themselves ) but it gives a false sense of pleasure ( Heb. 11:25 ). Doing what you want is also the easy way in life, a life void of effort and self-discipline ( Luke 9:23 ). It is not an enlightened existence ( Rom. 1:16-32 ).

All throughout scripture, light is associated with truth and goodness ( Psalm 27:1 ). God’s character is often associated with light ( Psalm 37:6 ). To live according to the teaching of God’s word is to walk in the light ( Psalm 119:105;) ( I John 1:7 ). Darkness, however, is associated with evil and error. Those who are alienated from God have their understanding darkened, are ignorant and have blindness of heart ( Eph. 4:18 ). The dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty ( Psalm 74:20 ). If any Preacher, Teacher or religious leader trying to get you to obey, keep and follow the Old and New Testament, remember this if Jesus Christ is not enough to save us, then you are saying to God this, you need more than just His Son Jesus Christ, Grace and, Law just don't mix, so chose today, if the Law, Old Testament you must obey and keep every last one of them to please God...But if you chose the Grace of Jesus Christ, heaven doors will be wide open to receive you.

The reason for the world’s love affair with darkness and religion is that it hides sin, or so it is believed. As long as it is dark and religions, as long as there is no light of truth, those in sin can perpetuate their evil. But let one beam of truth pierce the darkness of sin and error, let one ray of goodness breakthrough, and those in darkness scatter like so many roaches exposed to daylight. But the feeling of having hidden sin is only an illusion, for all things are open and naked before God ( Heb. 4:13 ). One of the reasons, if not the main reason, those in the world often feel uncomfortable around faithful Christ Believers, God's sons and daughters are that the faithful son and daughter of God remind sinners of their sins. The faithful Jesus Church of God might well feel uncomfortable around the sinner, as well ( Eph. 5:11 ).

Sadly, there is a group of degenerates who blatantly flaunt their filth and disobedience to God. They display openly their perversions. They have become so hardened in their reprobate minds that they are past feeling and have given themselves over to lasciviousness ( Eph. 4:18,19 ) and refuse to retain God in their knowledge and have pleasure in every unnatural and every vile act ( Rom. 1:20-32 ). They are so engulfed in abominations that they can no longer even blush ( Jer. 6:15 ). They have allowed the god of this world to so blind their minds that they can no longer see the light even of the Glorious Gospel ( 2 Cor. 4:4;) ( Matt. 13:14,15 ). Their deeds will reward them ( Rom. 2:1 ).

As the express image and brightness of God’s glory ( Heb. 1:3 ), the Lord Jesus is The Light of the world ( John 8:12 ). We know also that the whole world lies in wickedness ( I John 5:19 ). The world hates The Light of Life because He reproves its evil deeds ( John 3:20 ), though Yeshua is hated without cause ( John 15:25 ). Since the Lord Jesus has come and lived and taught, the world now has no cloak for its sin ( John 15:22 ). And because the world hates Jesus Christ, God Himself In Flesh in Man, it will also hate us as we emulate His life and follow His teaching ( John 15:18,19 ). This why I teach and preach the biblical truth in love like I do, not for money, fame or Church star...

Jesus Christ said, “This is the condemnation, that Light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than Light because their deeds are evil” ( John 3:19 ). Where do we stand? Do we stand in the shadows? Are we deep in the darkness of sin and religions? Or do we run toward and His truth for our souls in the light of God and His word? If we have been found to walk in the light in this life, in heaven there will be no night ( Rev. 21:25 ) for the glory of God will lighten it, and the Lamb will be the light  ( Rev. 21:23-25 ) Amen.

Written & Shared By, Apostle James, R, Winfree, Sr.

Church, Christians, Religious People, You Cannot Live By The Old Testament Laws, And, God's New Covenant Grace In Jesus Christ, So Choose Which One!!!

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