Apostle Winfree, James, R, Sr. Online Global Social Media Ministries has always been engaged in the effort to both provide and equip ministers and the body of Jesus Christ His living and loving Church without man or woman built walls... here at home in America and around the World. Over the past twenty-five years, we have trained ministers and the body of Jesus Christ, His Saints with your online nations social media ministries yes we are the Lord Jesus Christ Global ministry of faithfully loving, supporting, helping and building the Church Up Christ birth and built living and loving temples. This emphasis has defined our church and has been multiplied many times over as our fellow brothers and sisters carry this same commitment to their part of the World and leaders around the world. Our objective has been to provide leadership for the existing church bodies with an occasional opportunity for the establishment of new local assemblies in Christ biblical love, grace and mercy.




Despite increased access to biblical truth, the church of the twenty-first century continues to succumb to the wasting cancers of cultural accommodation, historical isolationism, entrepreneurialism, and imprecise doctrine. The very institution commissioned by Christ to bring the remedy of the gospel is surrendering itself to the infirmity of worldliness. This spiritual infection spreads with such deceptive influence as to be lauded as “progress". Yet, in the face of danger, the Church is left with leadership which remains fixated upon seeking new and experimental methods of treatment.


There is an exploding interest on the part of true Christians committed to Scripture to develop Churches that are biblically sound. In an effort to respond to this groundswell, we have expanded our efforts to include an initiative called GOD'S LOVE IN ACTION. This is His ministry to His family in need of help and support... that seeks to administer God's simple prescription: "Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding" (Jer 3:15). The establishment of leaders who feel the burden to equip the people with biblical knowledge and understanding has always been the bedrock of a healthy assembly. By way of contrast, corrupt and deceptive administration is the source of instability. In Jeremiah 23:1, God pronounces a resounding denouncement upon those who mishandle His flock. "Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!"


Because many of these Saints God's children look to us for resources, God sent by the Lord Jesus Christ, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers desires to serve to develop His Churches in the body of Christ by providing leadership committed to biblical principles of ministry. Previous to Grace Advance we have not had a specific training program geared towards equipping sons and daughters to be involved for the specific challenge of establishing Churches without religion, human-built walls or division. GOD'S LOVE IN ACTION has faithfully been fulfilling that need.


"Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding" (Jer 3:15)



From the first days of Christianity, the model for the spread of the church has been simple. Vibrant assemblies are to send gifted, called, and trained sons and daughters of God out of their midst for the purpose of encouraging, edifying and establishing Christ’s Church. At Apostle Winfree, James, R, Sr. Ministries, these distinctive serves as our heartbeat, we desire to instill this biblical truth by establishing or revitalizing home churches where the Word of God is faithfully taught, and the congregation is shepherded according to carefully cultivated biblical principles and practices.


Church leadership is about sons and daughters called by God and ordained by the church working to shepherd people who desire to be nurtured and linked with the redemptive history of God. While compromise is rampant in ministry, Apostle Winfree, James R, Sr, Global Nations Social Media Ministries Team will not lower the bar in order to admit desperately needed leadership. Instead, we hold the biblical qualifications high for the sake of the church (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9). There can be no substitute for having holy men in the leadership of the church. Because it is difficult for many developing churches to find a man qualified for the work, it is our desire to provide such churches with biblical leadership in order to execute a biblical philosophy of ministry.


Because it is difficult for many developing churches to find sons and daughters qualified for the work, it is our desire to provide such churches with biblical leadership in order to execute a biblical truth of ministry.




We acknowledge that The Lord Jesus Christ is The One who Birth and Builds His Church using individuals gifted and called for that purpose. GOD'S LOVE IN ACTION is not simply planting Churches at our own discretion. Rather, our passion is to prepare sons and daughters of the Lord for Churches which the Lord is raising up. He has Promised to Build His Church (Matt 16:18), and it is our responsibility to remain sensitive to His leading.


The primary vehicle by which we are seeking to identify and train these sons and daughters is through God's Love, Grace, and Mercy Fellowships. The Biblical Fellowships provides the specific training necessary for brothers and sisters to successfully lead and develop Churches. We serve as a practice and proving ground for the development of faithful Saints through instructive interaction, active mentoring, and additional hands-on ministry here online with me, Apostle Winfree James Sr, the Holy Ghost leaders candidates to study and rightly divide God's word of truth in its true biblical order in the Holy Spirit love, grace and mercy.


We Only Share Our Loving Heavenly Father's Government, The Gospel Of Jesus Christ, That Is Changing And Transforming Lives, Forever!!!


It's Time And Long Over Due, For All Ministers And Members, To Support And Help The Churches Without Human Built Walls. ( Meaning Each Other ).


2 Cor 9:7, So, let each one of us give as he and she have purposes in our hearts, not grudgingly or of necessity, for God loves a cheerful giver.


Go Out And Be God's Love, First To Your Kingdom Family & Them All Others, And Be The Church, That Jesus Christ Himself Birth And Built, His Living & Loving Temples.