The Holy Spirit Anointing On And In Our Lives & Ministry Is Transforming God's Son's & His Daughter's :


We Are One Christ-Centered Christian Family Here In America & Around The World.


I am excited and honored to bring

that same love for our Creator God and Spiritual Father to His beloved and called out of religion's, the four walls of human-created religious buildings and all those who are trying to obey and keep laws that were meant just for the Jews only, and they ( Israel were commanded. by God to bring a tenth, tithe of everything they had been blessed with, and bring it to the Leviticus prests to pay it to God on their behalf, But today Israel King under the Net Testament and Yeshua New blood covenant has put an end to Moses laws and the Old Testament ways of giving to God. God says that He loves cheerful givers, Not those who are commanded to give, He loves givers who give freely from their hearts and serve Him not by commandment, but serve and obey His from a heart of love.

The Church of Christ Jesus, I am called, chosen to help Yeshua bride,


The heavenly Father, sons, and daughters discover who God created them to be in Jesus Christ. Moses's laws and Commandments and Tithing were only for the children of Israel under the Old Covenant and the Old Testament. and the building of religious buildings.

When Christ Jesus loving and living temple is equipped to live out

their purpose, instead of having just one minister feeding them, the person they call their pastor or spiritual leader... they are still uncertain, and or still spiritual babies on baby food.

Many are feeling hungry and empty in their spiritual lives Our heavenly Father God in love in the Person of Jesus Christ, He is The Way, The Truth, The Light. To Known Yeshua is to know God our spiritual heavenly Father. God Himself gave and put His ministries gifts in the body of Yeshua and His Church, Apostles. Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, along with, many, other serving and ministering Inspired gifts to and for His Church, Not just Pastors, Bishops, Founders. Needed.children

Your serving faithful Kingdom of God and social media transformation Apostle and loving wife first, Elect Lady Betty is seeking your support in the,

following ways as we do our part in serving you the Lord's sons and daughters in the faith:

Yes, Pray for us and this much-needed gospel ministry.

Yes, Invest financially in what God is doing in using us to help grow your faith in biblical truth... Yes, Serve and grow with us as a part of the Church that Yeshua Himself Birth and Building and coming back for.

Yes, Connect us with other Godsend and anointed and faithful ministries team, His true biblical Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, God's sons, and daughters and with our true Christian family here in America, Texas, and the Nations...Your Serving & Anointed Kingdom Of Heaven Transformational Apostle, James Winfree Sr.: Elect Lady Betty & I thank you.