Are you, Family?

Are You, My Mothers, Or Brothers, Or Sisters?


Everybody, Everyone Is Not, Our Real, True, Everlasting Heavenly Spiritual Family.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Revealing The Truth Of God's Holy Word In His Love:


Our LORD GOD and Holy Blessed Savior asked a surprising question. It was: “Who is My mother, and who are my brothers and My sisters?” ( Matthew 12:48 ) Could you answer that question,  Church, and Friends?


The Bible says that Jesus’ earthly mother was Mary, and His brothers were names were“James and Joseph and Simon and Judas.” And Jesus had sisters who were alive when He was preaching. Since Jesus was the firstborn, these were all younger than He was. ( Matthew 13:55, 56;) ( Luke 1:34, 35.)


Were Jesus’ brothers also His disciples?, The Bible says that at first they were “not exercising  trust and faith in Him.” ( John 7:5)  Later, however, James and Judas (also called Jude ) became His disciples, and they even wrote books of the Bible. Do you know which books they wrote? Yes, Apostle  James and  Apostle Jude.


Although Jesus’ sisters are not named in the Bible, we know that He had at least two. However, there could have been more. Did these sisters become His followers? The Bible doesn’t say, so we don’t know. But do you know why Jesus asked the question, “Who is My mother, and who are my brothers and His sisters?” Let’s find out Church and friends.


Jesus The Christ had been teaching His disciples when someone interrupted Him to say: “Your mother and your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak to you.” So Jesus used the opportunity to Teach an important lesson by asking that surprising question: “Who is My mother, and who are my brothers and sisters?” He extended His hand toward his disciples and answered it, exclaiming: “Look! My mother and my brothers and sisters!”


Then Jesus explained what He meant, saying: “Whoever does the will of our heavenly Father who is in heaven, the same is My brothers, and sisters, and mother.” ( Matthew 12:47-50 ) This shows how close Jesus felt to His disciples. He was Teaching us that His disciples were His and ours real true mothers, brothers and sisters brothers, to Him.and to us who are really truly born again in Him and does God will.


While Jesus Teaches His disciples, a man tells Him that His mother and brothers, sisters are outside

Who did Jesus explain were His mother, brothers, and sisters my spiritual family?


At that time Jesus’ own brothersJames, Joseph, Simon, and Judas did not Believe that Jesus was God’s in Man. They must not have Believed what the angel Gabriel had told their mother. ( Luke 1:30-33 ) So they may Not have Believed what God said about Jesus. Anyone who acts like that is not being a real mother, brothers or sisters. Do you know of anyone who does not Believe you are called, chosen and on your way to heaven?


The Bible tells about Esau and Jacob and how Esau became so angry that he said: “I am going to kill Jacob, my brother.” Their mother, Rebekah, was so afraid that she had Jacob sent away so that Esau could not kill him. ( Genesis 27:41-46 ) However, many years later Esau changed, and he hugged and kissed Jacob.Genesis 33:4.


In time, Jacob had 12 sons. But the older sons of Jacob didn’t love their younger brother Joseph. They were jealous of him because he was the favorite son of their father. So they sold him to slave traders who were on their way to Egypt. Then they told their father that Joseph had been killed by a wild beast. (Genesis 37:23-36) Wasn’t that terrible?   This is just how your so-called family who does not know God will treat us... Anes it does Hurts.But Jesus will take all the pain, away!!!


Later Joseph’s brothers were sorry for what they had done. So Joseph forgave them. Can you see how Joseph was like Jesus? Jesus the Christ’ own followers ran away when he was in trouble, and Peter even denied knowing Him. Yet, like Joseph, Jesus forgave them all.I forgive you All, my earthly family in this life for how you done me and rejected me and have not believed in my ministry or The God who is in my life. ( And even all those who should be my spiritual loving family, I also forgive you for Not loving us, helping us, supporting us in the work and ministry God gave me.


Cain walks away from his dead brother Abel

What lesson should we learn from what Cain did to Abel Christ Church?


Then there are the two brothers Cain and Abel. We can learn a lesson from them too. God saw in Cain’s heart that he did not really love his brother. So God told Cain that he should change his ways. If Cain had really loved God, he would have paid attention. But he did not love God. One day Cain said to Abel: “Let us go over into the field.” Abel went along with Cain. While they were there in the field alone, Cain hit his brother so hard that he killed him.Genesis 4:2-8.


The Bible tells us that there is a special lesson we should learn from that. Do you know what it is? ‘This is the message which you have heard from the beginning: We should have the love for one another; not like Cain, who came from the wicked one.’ So brothers and sisters should have the love for one another. They should not be like Cain.( 1 John 3:11, 12.)


Why would it be Evil to be like Cain?—Because the Bible says that he ‘came from the wicked one,’ Satan the Devil!   Since Cain acted like the Devil, it was just as if the Devil was his father.


Do you see why it is important to love your brothers and sisters? If you do not love them, whose children would you be imitating? Children of the Devil. You wouldn’t want to be that, would you? So how can you prove that you want to be a child of God? It is by really loving your spiritual Biblical fathers, mothers brothers and sisters.


But what is love? Love is a deep feeling inside us that makes us want to do good things for other people. We show that we love others when we have a good feeling toward them and when we do good things for them. And who are our brothers and sisters whom we should love? Remember, Jesus, Taught that they are the ones who make up the big Christian family.


Elder Dave O. Winfree my spiritual brother stands with me and I with him, he is the real deal.

How can you show that you love your spiritual brothers, sisters, mothers?


How important is it that we love these Christian brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers in our lives? The Bible says: “He who does not love his brothers  or his sisters, whom he has seen, and trying to love God who they have Never seen..., But you see your spiritual family.” ( 1 John 4:20 ) So we cannot love just a few in the Christian family. We must love them all. Jesus said: “By this, all will know that you are my disciples if you have love among yourselves.”  (John 13:35) Do you love all the brothers and sisters? Remember, if you don’t, you cannot really be loving God.or the Lord Jesus Christ. Hell is waiting for you!!


How can we show that we really love our brothers and sisters, fathers and spiritual mothers? Well, if we love them, we won’t stay away from them because we don’t want to talk to them. We will be friendly to all of them. We will always do good to them and be willing to share. And if ever they are in trouble, we will come to their aid because we are truly a big family. God's anointed and chosen will always be rejected, hated and overlooked...


When we really do love all our brothers and sisters, mothers, and fathers what does it really means? It proves that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, The Great God, and Spiritual Teacher. And isn’t that what we want to be?


Showing love for our brothers and sisters, mothers, fathers are also discussed at Galatians 6:10 and 1 John 4:8, 21. Why not open your own Bible and read it, study it, love it? The Lord Jesus Christ Is The God made flesh or The Word in the flesh. Amen. Church.


We Are Leading One And All To God Our Blessed Savior Jesus Christ.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Jesus Christ Church And Nations Media Ministries.


We Are Serving Our God And Blessed Savior, In serving you His chosen Ones, the Church.


2 Corinthians 9:7


Obey The Holy Spirit in all your giving and sharing.