I was recently reading through some many writings, bloggers and what the Holy Spirit commanded me to share with His Churches and spiritual leaders, I had written and saved. He said, to me, Awaken His Churches and Leaders!!!


God our Heavenly Spiritual Father Spirit said to me, His ministry and Church leaders Must reclaim the movement of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, He said to me, that the Church that Jesus built and building love one another, helped each other, gave the things and wealth that they did not need and put those things at the Apostles feet so that all who were saved and filled with the Holy Ghost get their needs taken care of, because that had Jesus faith and Spirit in Common...The Kingdom of God is not a place where believers are forced to conform and be standardized by men or women or even children beliefs or religion. But a place where Christ Believers are seen as unique and find their originality in Jesus Christ as they unite under One Headship, The Lord Jesus Christ. I know those of us who have been entrusted with followers of Christ must not simply cast vision and call God's children to it and take all of their time, money and minds; We must create visional environments where dreams and visions of those who work with us and serve together in one accord building God's Kingdom, and have their own God gave dreams and visions supported and helped, Not just you Pastors and Ministries Founders and all of use, ignited, used and anointed to build the Lord Jesus Christ Kingdom as it is in Heaven Now it is on earth.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.


Are the modern ministries and churches today producing carbon copy, standardized weak, fleshly four walls Sunday's Mornings only worshipers Christians or are we, as leaders, helping release God’s unique calling in each believer? As the Churches and Founders, Leadership, are we helping build and release, help, support, stand with other members who love the Lord Jesus Christ just as we do and they have His call and anointings on their lives to serve, bless and minister also...Lets Not just want all the time, wealth and serving just for ourselves ’The members of Christ Church is the members of His Body and ours, We are one blood, one body, one church in the Lord God Jesus Christ. We must not just focus on our own small or large churches or ministries, they supported and helped you, Now you do the very same for them. Amen.


We Are Leading One And All, To The One Over All, The Lord God Jesus Christ.


God Loves A Cheerful Giver, Be One!!!


I am obeying You Lord Jesus and watering. Your trees..