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Elder James R, Winfree Sr. Our Lord God Jesus Christ, Churches & Believing Nations Anointed, Appointed, Chosen And, Faithful Apostle:


What Does God's Holy Word Say About The Church That Yeshua Jesus Birth And, Built Himself?


The Bible does not leave us uninformed when it comes to the purpose and the centrality of the Church. The Church exists for God and for His glory in Christ Jesus and His spiritual Kingdom brothers and sisters, God's sons and daughters. Says your Bible, “The Church is the mirror, that reflects the whole effulgence of the Divine character. She is the grand scene, in which the perfections of Jesus Christ are displayed to the universe.” When we understand that the Church exists by God and for God, we see that God’s glory, not the needs of saved or unsaved people, is meant to be the ultimate determining factor for all the Church does. The Church does emphasize reaching the lost and it does emphasize edifying the saved, but it does so in ways that are honoring to God and consistent with His will. It ensures that both the method and the message of the Church bring glory to Yeshua's Jesus Name. Yes, God's Church is His Kingdom of heaven on earth in our World.


The Church exists to glorify God through worshipping Jesus Christ edifying His Born Again brothers and sisters and gathering God's chosen children, His sons, and daughters from around the world.


: “The proper ends for a spiritual Kingdom congregation’s life and actions are the worship of God in Spirit and Truth, the edification of His sons and daughters, and the evangelization of the world. These three purposes, in turn, serve the glory of God.” The Church exists to glorify God in Yeshua Christ Jesus through worshipping Him, edifying His brothers and sisters, and serving and loving on each other and evangelizing the world.


The Church exists to glorify God by worshipping Jesus Christ. We gather together to worship the Lord in the ways He has revealed in the Bible. This distinctly Christ Believers worship is not based on on the whims of believers or unbelievers, but carefully drawn from and centered upon the Bible. The ministry of the Word, The Blood, The Water, and The Holy Spirit... the basics of Christian worship in the simplest terms: “Study the Bible, Believe the Bible, Accept The Holy Blessed Living Word became flesh of The Bib the Bible, and Worship in Spirit and Truth in The Bible.” Our worship services are a means of grace through which God speaks to us and transforms us into His Love.


The Church exists to glorify God in Christ Jesus by edifying God's very own sons and His daughters. The community of The heavenly Father's sons and daughters gathers to enjoy true Loving fellowship. This is more than idle chit-chat and shared lunches but crucial one-to-one ministry where we acknowledge we are all ministers of God’s Word who are responsible for the well-being of other people’s souls. “Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love” ( Ephesians 4:15-16 ). Tim Chester and Steve Timmis write, “It is in the family of God that I am able to care and be cared for; love and be loved; forgive and be forgiven; rebuke and be rebuked; encourage and be encouraged. All of which is essential to the task of being a disciple of the risen Lord Jesus.”


The Church exists to glorify God by serving, building up, supporting each other in the household of faith and reaching the world. A healthy Church is a Loving and Caring Church. A God called and chosen ministry is first to the Church spiritual family and one that calls upon the lost to turn to Christ and be saved. While the Church is first a gathering of God’s people, His sons and daughters, it is also a gathering to which unbelievers are invited so they can hear the gospel and see it lived out by Christ Jesus Believers, Lovers and His Followers. Churches that become insular rather than loving will ultimately lose their love, their zeal, and their vitality. When it comes to the Church’s that Christ Himself Birth and Built-in Spirit and Truth, “Love like the heavenly Father Gid in Jesus Christ or Die.”


In my hopes and prayers

The Church Yeshua Christ Jesus Birth and Built Himself was founded by God for the purposes of God and the glory of Jesus Christ. Our task is not to define Her according to our own desires or anyone else’s, but to learn how God defines Her, then to follow the Holy Spirit in obedience. Ultimately, the Church exists to bring glory to Yeshua's Jesus Name, Because it is, The Name of The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit through love, being our brothers and sisters keeper, serving and helping and supporting each other in the family of God first, and worship, discipleship, and evangelism. In this way and so many others, the Church is God’s plan. It is the hope of the world. Amen.


Written and shared by, Apostle James R Winfree, Sr.


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