Am I Teaching GOD'S Truth?



Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr,/ I Owe you All GOD'S Love and The Truth of Jesus Christ.


“ That they may all be one, even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us; that the world may believe that You Father did send me. (John 17:21). "



Life must be seen from more than one viewpoint if we want to gain a proper perspective of it such as it unfolds itself according to the Word of God has laid down in nature and such as we have experienced it to be. It is unfortunate for the individual and for the group of Christ Jesus Believers if we insist upon one single viewpoint. Then it is so easy to insist that all others will obey GOD'S Holy Command and Purpose. 

They say it is there are over two billion + people on earth today, and no two of them are exactly alike. Not even two of the billions of leaves are exactly alike. Yet precisely because of this difference, there is in all creation a harmonious interplay of life which has in it something so inexpressibly beautiful for our sight and artistic sense. 



Creation is a choir of many thousand voices; each one sings his part to produce a harmonious whole. The harmony is often broken today, but when life one day shall reach its goal we shall sing without a single discordant note Jesus Christ is Lord of All and over All. 



Let this sublime thought have a prominent place in your mind. It is not a thought of man, but of GOD Himself in Christ Jesus; it is His Divine plan that is operative and must be obeyed. 

For many Believers, it is embarrassing that not all Christians have exactly the same views. They look upon it as a tragedy that there are so many denominations and organizations. Such a view may be correct enough if we have in mind life as it shall be in heaven; but here on earth, where each one understands only in part, it is inadequate according to GOD'S Word.

Before I discuss the reason for the many and varied denominations and the various views of GOD'S Truth, I should like to underscore the facts that all Christians are NOT United in Christ Jesus. GOD, our Spiritual Father sees only a single Believer in His Blessed Son Jesus Christ, a living, and United Body of Believers, a perfect organism, One building constructed of living stones, One family, the children of One Spiritual Father. GOD does not ask to which human built church building you belong to; all that is born of GOD in Jesus Christ according to Acts 2: 37-38 are One in Christ Jesus. Their theme song is The Lamb that was slain and of Redemption in His blood. We can be certain that GOD our heavenly Father will not inspect the sign over your idol church doors, He is more interested in that “we, who are many, are One Body in Christ, and severally members one of another.” (Rom. 12:5). 



How is the Church of Christ shall stand, 

A beacon light in all the land, 

When love and faith all hearts inspire, 

And all unite in one desire 

To be as brothers and sisters, and agree 

To live in peace and unity in the Lord Jesus Christ. 



It is the Blessed Truth, and heartening to learn from GOD'S Word, that all regenerated Believers appear to GOD as One Spiritual family; Yes, United, we can meet at the throne of grace. From every Nation in the world, we may meet here as One Body in Christ. Not we on earth only; we have reason to believe that the saints in heaven are United with us. They praise and worship GOD while we fight the good fight and pray that we too may reach our goal. All those who are born again according to Acts 2:37-38 are welcome into the household of grace and faith. Amen.



Cut yourselves away from your many denominational affiliations and follow just Jesus and all those who Believe in Him and obey Him and love Him, be it also that you can share all the views of other Christ Believers; this is of prime importance to our King Jesus Christ. Yes, The important thing is that you are born again and believe in Christ as your Lord and only Savior. Let this truth loom ever epic in your hearts and minds. Do not let Pastors, Preachers, Ministers, Leaders or anyone else or denominational differences close your eyes to this larger view, which is more like Jesus said Himself in John 10:30 I and My Father are One and in John 17 His last prayer before leaving this World, He asked our heavenly Father GOD to Make us One just as they are One. Let us reduce the area of the devil’s and his demons and his evil many servants such as spiritual blind Ministers keep us Divided. Amen His Chosen Ones.


Still, the question arises among many: Why are the Christians divided? Would it not be better if we had only one large church body and had but one point of view in all questions of faith and practice? Many are of the opinion that it has worked untold harm and that it is outright sinful, for Christians to be divided. Can this really be so? Study What Apostle wrote in Ephesians Chapter 4, Please!



My learning and much studies of GOD'S Holy Word is that it would have been more powerful if all Jesus Christ Believers have the same point of view and His Name is JESUS.  



In spite of the will and plan of GOD, Christ Bride His Body the Living Church, Has Liberty in His New Covenant, it is certainly better to have Freedom than dead conformity of man's religions. In the midst of these dangers, there are certain advantages as long as we are here upon earth. As long as we have Jesus Christ New Testament Holy Spirit Freedom we can help each other; we can prevent one another from falling asleep; we can help each other to see the truth more clearly. Most of all, we can pluck away from each other the arrogant thought that one Old Religion has a monopoly on truth. Jesus Is Truth!!!


Christ Jesus Believers and Followers: Here we meet as one body and are united as One in Christ our Savior. On this foundation, we build Not church religious buildings, But we love each other as Christ loves His Church and we build one another up and we have each other backs, we are with you every step of t he way as the Holy Spirit leads.  God will be All in all in Jesus Christ. Amen


We Are Leading All Souls To GOD Our Blessed SAVIOR THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.


Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Online Love Fellowship Nations Media Jesus Ministries.


The Word Says, Where your Treasure is, this where your heart will be also.!