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Who was Jesus

You’ve probably heard of Jesus...

Born in a manger that first Christmas day. He walked on water and calmed the sea.

But who was Jesus?  What really happened 2000 years ago? And the most important question...Should I care?

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You might know someone who calls Jesus their SAVIOR or say the “Got Saved.” “Saved from what?” you thought.

Well, have you ever done something you knew was wrong?  Maybe you LIED, STOLE, or CHEATED on a test. Even the best people have done some things wrong in their life.

Have you ever done something wrong to a good friend?  There are consequences to your relationship - like SEPARATION. A lot of times to make things right, you have to go to your friend, say you are sorry and ask them to FORGIVE you. Luckily, your friend does forgive you and the relationship is restored.

The Bible is a book about our relationship with God. It has some Good News and Bad News.  The bad news is that the wrong things in our lives have consequences beyond this world.  

The first consequence is SEPARATION from the God who made us and loves us.  Because God is holy, our imperfections separate us from having a relationship with him.

The other consequence is where you will spend ETERNITY.  After you die, where will you go?  Heaven and hell are real places, and what you decide during your life on earth does affect your life after death.

The Good News is that God has a plan. That is where Jesus comes in.

God loves you, and He sent his only son, Jesus.  He is called “Christ” because He is the one God promised from the beginning of mankind.

While Jesus was on earth, he did many extraordinary things demonstrating God’s love...

     He healed the sick,
     He gave food to the poor,
     He taught us to Love One Another even as God loves us.

He also did and said some RADICAL “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

He said he was God’s Son sent to save us. We need to be saved because we deserve SEPARATION from God. And because God is Holy, our separation from Him means that we cannot go to HEAVEN - the eternal home God has prepared for us.

Jesus is God’s Plan to save us. Jesus died in our place.  He paid the price we owed when he died on the CROSS.

Then Jesus miraculously rose from the dead - defeating DEATH and SIN once and for all.

Why did Jesus have to die?

So that...“Everyone who believes in Him will have eternal life” - John 3:15

So who is Jesus?  Jesus is God’s free gift to you

If you BELIEVE in Jesus and RECEIVE His payment on the Cross for the debt you owned, you will be RESTORED into relationship with GOD.

Heaven WILL BE your eternal home.

Will you receive God’s gift of Jesus Christ?