A Word To His, Church

A Word To His Church.Brother James Winfree Sr, GOD'S Minister.
The Lord Jesus Christ says to His Chosen One's His Church, have the Lord Jesus Christ not spoken to you about a New Way? Has He not told you that there is a door standing open in the heavenliness in His Kingdom of Oneness and Unity? Is the New Covenant and the Holy Spirit not revealed to you? 
It can only be seen in the realm of the Spirit of Truth, but if you will come up here, even as the Apostles did, then you too will find the secrets of this life in Christ Jesus. You will receive the revelations. You will understand the glorious mysteries of the end of the age. You will learn how to, by the power of the Holy Spirit and by your position as a Joint Heir with Christ our GOD and Savior and He want All His Chosen Ones to do just as He did you, Yes Jesus made you His Church Kingdom Bride Joint Heirs with Him, Overcome All the works of the enemy.
 You will learn to rule over your soul by the Holy Spirit. You will learn to rule over your emotions by the power of His Holy Word and by loving and living the Word. You will learn His secrets, His mysteries, and His power, and you will know that Christ was never troubled by what men or women have thought of Him upon the earth. 
No, Jesus Christ was not troubled because He knew the heart of His heavenly Father towards Him, and He was secure. You, my spiritual family in Christ, likewise, can be secure in that place if you will ascend to the place of the New Covenant in Him living waters and in His Holy Spirit in Jesus Christ Name Jesus;
 if you will come up to the heavenliness in faith and join with Jesus our King in His Spiritual Kingdom season,As a Minister of GOD, I can assure you that you will be a receiver of the great grace that He's pouring out on His Chosen Believers. Even though you have made much progress in your faith walk, you will take a glorious jump forward, for it is by GOD'S will and by His Spirit and by His Holy Power, says the Lord.
 This is the Spiritual season in which the Spirit of Truth have decreed by way of divine destiny that GOD'S people should become that which He have said they could be, and you can begin to understand the purpose that Jesus our LORD have for you in this season, for great and glorious days await you.
 Do not fear; do not worry about war, for these signs have been from the beginning. These things have been around since the beginning of the Church, and they are still here in our days, and there will be an escalation of these signs. But, that is not to be your focus. Rather fix your gaze upon Christ Jesus and His purposes for His church people, His Bride. Those things that are happening in the World will surely give you opportunities to demonstrate the power of the kingdom of GOD and your demographics has nothing to do with GOD moving in your lives,  Christ the Lord living and Beloved Church. Amen Church Amen.
We're Leading All Souls To Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, He's The Only One Who SAVES!!!
Brother James Winfree Sr, A Minister of GOD in Christ Jesus Online Nations Media Ministries.