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( Jesus Christ Said To Me, Encourage And Awakening His Churches )

Awesome and Master Teacher Holy Spirit, Be The Teacher here on this subject in Jesus Name. Amen.: This is a difficult question that really does need to be answered by you the Lord chosen people...“Church Fellowships” is such a broad description. There are many churches who refer to themselves as the “Church of Jesus Christ.” Even within the most widespread “Church of Jesus Christ” association, there can be significant differences among the Churches. There is no doubt that many in the Church of Jesus Christ group are genuine Believers in Christ Jesus who desire to truly worship, follow, and obey Him. At the same time, there are others in the Church of Jesus Christ, and others are Churches of flesh, that are borderline cult-like in their preferences, practices, and doctrines. I am are by no means disparaging every Church Body congregation or all churches that refer to themselves as the “Church of Jesus Christ.” The purpose of this article is to express some concerns and answer some questions about the Church of Jesus Christ that we have observed and experienced.

One main issue is the fact that some in the Church of Christ Jesus claims to be “the one true church,” outside of which there is no salvation. By no means do all Church of Jesus Christ members believe this, but it is prevalent enough to warrant concern. Some go so far as to argue that since the Name is “Church of Jesus Christ,” that indicates that the Church/Denomination is the one and only true Church of the Lord Jesus. This is completely unbiblical. There is no one church or denomination that encompasses the entire Body of Christ. The “one true church of Christ” is comprised of all those who have, by grace through faith, personally received Jesus Christ as Savior. The Church is composed of true believers everywhere, who obeys and followers the teaching of Jesus Christ and His chosen ministry team. The claim of exclusive access to salvation is another common identification of a cult, not the teaching of a good biblical church.

It's a very important issue is the Church of Jesus Christ’s emphasis on baptism as being necessary for salvation. Church of Jesus Christ advocates point to Scriptures such as Acts 2:38, John 3:5, Mark 16:16, 1 Peter 3:21, and Acts 22:16 as biblical evidence that baptism is required for salvation and it is, period. There is no denying that baptism is very important. Baptism is intended to be an initial act of obedience to Christ Jesus Himself, an illustration of Christ’s death and resurrection, a public declaration of faith in Christ, a step of identification with Him, and a proclamation of desire to follow Him. In the minds of the Apostles and early Christians, baptism was so inextricably linked with the salvation that the two were viewed as inseparable. The idea that a person could receive Christ as Savior and not be baptized was completely foreign to the early Church. We must be born again, of the water and the Spirit.

With that said, however, baptism is required for salvation. There are biblically plausible and contextually valid interpretations of each of the above Scriptures that do indicate baptism as being necessary for salvation. There are many Scriptures that declare salvation to be received by faith/believing, with mention of baptism and any other requirement (John 3:16; Acts 16:31; Ephesians 2:8-9). Yes, baptism is necessary for salvation, these Scriptures are Not in error and the Bible is Not contradictory. John baptized Jesus and Jesus did it, so must we, Amen.

Church of Jesus Christ advocates argues that when the Bible speaks of salvation “by faith,” it is speaking of living faith, a faith that produces works of obedience, such as baptism and confession ( Romans 10:9-10 ) . We do not claim that baptism is a work that earns salvation, or in any sense makes a person worthy of salvation. Rather, the Church of Jesus Christ teaches that baptism is a work that God requires before He grants salvation. For the Church of Jesus Christ, baptism and confession are no different from faith and repentance, We are what God requires before He grants salvation to a person. The problem with this is that, while it may seem to be a subtle difference from the biblical doctrine of salvation by grace through faith, it is, in fact, a crucially important difference and faith without works are Dead.

A Christ Believer who has genuinely received salvation will produce good fruit. Good works are the inevitable result of salvation ( Ephesians 2:10 ). What differentiates a “living faith” from a “dead faith” in ( James 2:14-26 ) is the presence of good works. Church of Jesus Christ advocates is right to be free from the old Jewish laws and commandments.

So, are Church of Jesus Christ We are His biblical spiritual fellowships in many nations people, tongues, This is a question that cannot be answered with an all-encompassing response. Many Churches of Jesus Christ are in fact solid, biblically based Churches which are Not cold lifeless dead religious buildings, But We are His Holy Ghost, Blood Washed, Water Baptized in Jesus Name Believers. There are many Church of Jesus Christ which declare the true Gospel of salvation by faith alone, through grace alone, in Christ alone. At the same time, with an extreme over-emphasis on the absence of musical instruments, with a claim of exclusive access to salvation, and with a doctrine of salvation that is borderline (at best) works-based, there are other Church of the weak evil flesh that should definitely not be attended/participated in or given your time or support. This requires discernment on the part of a believer considering joining a Church of Jesus Christ. The answer to the question depends entirely on which type of Church of Jesus Christ church it is and is Jesus Christ is The Head Himself and where the leadership feeding and blessing you, His sheep, First. and reaching out to lost souls. Amen.

We Are Leading One And All, To The One Answer, The Lord God And Heavenly Spiritual Father, Jesus Christ.

God Loves A Cheerful Giver, Be One!!!