The Spirit Cry!

I'm Hearing This Word,

I'm hearing this is the Holy Ghost, most of you know as the Holy Spirit, Church Arise,Get yourselves up, My people He say's.  For, is it not written that I will make you again My living Church without walls and without being built by weak human hands?   I, Myself the Spirit say's, He has chosen and anointed you by His very own Spirit and by His hand and empower you with greater authority than ever you have walked in.  He say's allow Him to bring you to a higher level of faith than ever before.


  You are the mighty Saints of this season; the Kingdom warriors that go forth to defeat the works of the enemy.   Come forth and declare the victory even before you can see the results of the battle.  For the Holy Ghost is saying that when you declare the victory beforehand it is a manifestation of faith.  That faith releases My power He saying, His goodness, and His Holy strength.  He will move you to greater heights. 


 So, rise up and receive that which He's doing in you, says the Lord GOD. The time is right now, to be and stop playing or trying to go or trying to join or giving all your time, money to things I never ask for, this just what the Spirit of Truth is saying in my spirit, your faithful Minister of GOD, His Apostle James Winfree Sr, He is saying, All I ever really wanted is just you and Nothing else, Not all your buildings, our dated tithing, your Religious services and works, Just give Me yourselves, The LORD GOD is Saying in this hour, Amen.