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Kingdom greetings the Churches and Nations of the Lord God Jesus Christ,

We love receiving messages that testify to the real-biblical impact of your support for Apostle James & Betty R, Winfree Sr, Social Media Ministries. Here’s one we received recently that we know you all want to read…



All the lies of only self-interest and get rich ministries at any cost preachers of our times, and with so many religious preaching and teaching, my wife and I have shed from our lives, we were and still is uplifted and inspirited and growing because of the Godsend man of God...We are marvel at his love and ingenuity to present the truth on social media. May God bless and we pray the ministry will bear much fruit for the Kingdom of God.” –( Former ) US Congressman


The Lord's Churches and Nations, your partnership bears fruit for God’s Kingdom by building up and encouraging people here online and around the world like us and so many.


We praise the Lord for your support – and for any special gift, you’re led to give today to help encourage even more people with God’s powerful Word.


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