My Story.


Greetings In The Wonderful Loving Name Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ:

Hello, my name is Apostle James R. WinfreeSr., Houston, Texas born and raised. I am blessed and happily married to my loving wife Mrs. Betty R. Winfree for 38 loving years and we are still going strong in our love for each other and our marriage. From this loving and holy union God has so very blessed us with four beautiful children. Our first-born is Tarsha, born in 1978 next our son James Jr, born in 1983, our next son Jeremiah J. born in 1985, and last but not least Benjamin, born in 1987 all of Houston, Texas.
I have a very diversified and deeply rooted background in the word of God and in my Lord and Savor Jesus Christ, Below is a brief account of my Spiritual background in our Lord's Ministry.
The very first Church I joined was The First Missionary Baptist of Houston, Texas under the leadership of the deceased Pastor: Gene Moore. At the tender age of 12 years, I was baptized and served as a member until I was 17. After being a member for many years under Pastor Moore I was compelled to join St. Joseph Gospel Temple, under the leadership of Apostle Joseph E. Stewart of Houston, Texas who is now with his Lord in heaven.
Later the Church name changed to Jesus Christ Holy Temple Under the leadership of Pastor Clement V. Dorsey who is with his Lord and Savior leaving us in the year of our Lord 2012. Here I was taught the word of God and heard about the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, the laugher in the Spirit and dancing all the elements of a Spirit-filled Church. Here at Jesus Christ Holy Temple I was called to preach.
His hand was and still is inherent in my life.
I also received the Holy Spirit witnessed by my Church family, and Evangelist Mike Anderson and the beloved Mother and Missionary Florence Moss. I was called into our Lord's Ministry at a very early age, unfortunately, I was not really ready or interested in preaching or going higher in God. Instead, I wanted to live my life my way loving sin more than loving God or ministry going back into my old ways, we call it looking back.
The Lord and the Church never gave up on me; prayer was made without ceasing on my behalf. But I kept telling God and the Church I was just too young to live a saved life, I was running from His call on my life. Later on, during my 10th-grade year in high school, I finally accepted the call on my life to preach God's word still with old sinful friends I kept looking back hating to let go.
One Friday night with some old friends (leaving my sister home) I was on my way to a night club; drinking, and using drugs I got into a car race with some old friends going over the speed limit was in a tragic accident with no way out. When confronted by God about His calling on my life, I always responded by saying to the Church and God I am just too young to preach and live a Godly life. So while my car was up in the air and out of control, I heard the Lord's voice asked me Are you too young to die?...My response was obviously, No Lord!!!! No Lord!!!!
This conversation occurred during the whole time my car was continuously flipping through the air because I tried to avoid a collision with another vehicle. That Friday night God gave me another chance to obey Him and to preach His word. The next Sunday morning at service I repented and finally accepted God's call on my life. I have evangelized in cities, jails, prisons, convalescent homes, street ministry, churches, radio, and television. During my ministry, I have performed marriages, funerals, and licensed and ordained ministers.

(1) Born in the year of our Lord 1957

(2) Baptized in water in the year of our Lord 1963

(3) Holy Spirit Filled in the year of our Lord 1972

(4) Started Preaching in the year our Lord 1972

(5) Married in the year of our Lord 1978

( 6 ) Certificate Of Ordination By Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies Inc.

As Elder James R. Winfree Of Dallas, TX On This Date 21st day of February 1997,

Entered in book # 5 Page # 224/ General Bishop T.D.Jakes, Vice Bishop,

Dr. Sherman S. Watkins, Th. D. General Bishop.

General Secretary, Wilma M. Watkins.

We are still touching lives with The Lord Jesus Christ.