I Keep On Falling In Love With You, JESUS!

Over The Years I Keep On Falling In love With You, JESUS!

Shared by Apostle James R Winfree Sr, Making The Truth Of Jesus Christ Known:

Over the many years and now that I'm sixty years young, I am still Falling in love with You, Jesus

I keep on Falling in love with GOD everyday of my waking life

Our heavenly Father, I keep on Falling in love with You are The Apostle and Bishop of my soul

You are worthy to Fall in love with Awesome Jesus Christ

Falling in love with You Jesus is to fall in love with our heavenly Father Himself

Falling in love with You Jesus The Lover of my very soul

Yes You are the best Savior I've ever, ever received in my life Jesus

O' GOD In my Savior Jesus  arms, I feel protected always and forever

In my DADDY's GOD arms, I am never disconnected, writing this with tears of Holy Ghost joy

In my Blessed Savior Jesus arms, I Know I'm protected until the end of days

There's no place I'd rather, rather be Jesus is here with You

I am to this very day Falling in love with my Jesus. my Savior, My King, and my GOD.


You, Jesus, are my first, my last, my everything, and there is No, and I do mean No one like YOU!!!.